5 Things You Learn Freshman Year Of College

Walking into your freshman college class, you honestly have no idea what to expect. The pit starts to form in your stomach and your hands start to shake as you try to find the perfect seat next to the right person who might actually become one of your friends. You finally pick a spot and look around the room to see who your classmates will be (even though you won't even learn half their names) in hopes to see a familiar face. Some of us are lucky and get to have someone we know in one of our classes but most of us are not so lucky. You feel so alone and scared wondering if you can really do this and if you made the right choice to attend a big university rather than community college. Eventually the professor starts teaching and before you know it, the nerves are gone and there's no more guessing on whether this was the right choice because you know it was.

The first year of college is probably one of the scariest years of your life. Most of us move away from home and leave everything we know behind to go to school and work towards our goals and careers. For some of us, we still live at home and only go to campus to attend class but none the less, it is still terrifying. College is scary but it is also one of the best learning experiences you will ever have in the classroom and in the real world.

1. You find friends in the weirdest places

Seriously, you will make friends without even trying. I made a friend getting food one day, we literally just started talking in line while we waited and boom a friendship was born. College is great because no one cares about cliques or drama and everyone will be friends with everyone, even if you are a little strange.

2. Listen to the life advice your professors give

Not only should you listen to your professors for classwork and gaining academic knowledge but every professor I had this year has given me incredible life advice that I will hang onto forever. Professors can be your best friend, as well as your mentor and teacher. They don't want you to succeed, they expect you to succeed.

3. Take chances

You've probably heard this a thousand of times but seriously, do things that scare you a little bit. I was nervous to submit an application to write for Odyssey and it scared me but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. If there is something that scares you but is calling your name- do it.

4. All-nighters are possible

And more frequent than you think. Most of us go into college thinking we are not going to procrastinate but trust me, you will. When most assignments are due by Sunday night at 11:59, you will be working on them at 10 hoping to get them done in time and submitting them with only 20 minutes left to spare. Don't forget, staying up into the early hours of the night cramming for an exam that you knew was coming up but again, the procrastination demon crept up on you and made you wait until the last second.

5. Coffee is your best friend

You may not drink coffee now, but to cope with the late night sessions and 7 a.m. classes, it will be your best friend. For those of us who already drink coffee, welcome to your demise. One cup a day turns into two and eventually three and the next thing you know, you're drowning in coffee just to make it through one class.

Freshman year is not the easiest but with the help of your newly found friends, your professors life advice, doing something that scares you, frequent all nighters, and coffee- you will be just fine!

P.S. Use your dining dollars wisely, when they are gone, they are gone.

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