5 Things I've Learned in a Month of College

5 Things I've Learned in a Month of College

It's short, sassy, and full of good advice- just like me.


I'm a freshman, I'll admit it, I'm not afraid. Hey, college is a huge change, but honestly it's fantastic. I was certainly very excited for said "fantasticness" and also very ready, but there were still a few things that have surprised me this month. That's right! It's been a month, how crazy. Between orientation, hanging out with friends, staying up all night to write essays, and eating everything in front of my face, time has just flown by. So here are a few little nuggets of wisdom from the past shenanigan filled month.

1. Do not wait until the last minute to do your homework!!

I don't care if you're a writing major and you think you can "whip up that 10 page essay in a few hours" (literally me). It's a BAD IDEA. You will be up until 6am trying to finish it because it's due at 8am and sleep cost less than your tuition. Just don't do it.

2. Everything in moderation

I know all you can eat at the dining hall is really tempting, especially when there's a self-serve ice cream machine, but we are getting older, which means our bodies are not going to put up with as much crap as they used to. Also, there's a difference between "treatin'-yo-self" to some soft serve once in a while and having it for two meals a day everyday. Along those lines, take the fact that you have free access to a gym with some control, don't go crazy and injure yourself because you're some kind of workout robot. I'm guilty of both.

3. Keep your corner of the dorm clean

Everyone gets a bit cluttered sometimes, or often, I myself am very bad at keeping piles of clothes on the floor at bay, but your roommates will hate you if it's gross and everywhere. I myself am guilty of this--but I think my entire room has been very good at keeping a good living space. We even invested in some nice room smelly scent things. Pro tip: find a scent you all like, and shop together for shared room decor or food- you're going to be stealing each others things eventually anyway, plus it's fun roomie bonding time!

4. Call your mother

Call home, call your best friend, call your mom, call your dog, I don't care, just remember that while it's very healthy to move on from the past back home, you have to keep those you love close to you. Also your probably mom misses you and she will send you guilt inducing texts messages, even if she's in another country. The support is really good too, never lose touch with the people (friends and family) who have helped you through the crappy times.

5. Make some damn chocolate chip waffles in the DH

Life is short, and listen to everything I've said because I'm clearly an expert after being here for a month, but don't forget to have fun. Shop with your roomie, have a night in with takeout and Netflix, eat on the floor, explore you campus or city, and anything to have fun. Make those chocolate chip waffles in the dining hall and make them for DINNER.

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