As fall rolls around, there are certain things I look forward to during this season that manage to excite me every year. Familiar activities and outfits bring feelings of happiness and coziness; while some things this year are brand new and give their own excitement to autumn. Here's a list of everything I'm anticipating over this year's fall season.

1. The Cool Weather (along with its fashion)

If you're from Virginia like me, you might know that sometimes cool weather can be a false alarm. One week will have a high rangeing in the 80's, and the next we'll be shivering in high 40's. But whenever those sneak peeks of the autumnal weather show up, I can't help but get excited and wear my coziest outfits to take advantage of the chill breezes and foggy breath. Three clothing items come to mind when I think of fall weather: scarves, big sweaters, and boots (or, as I prefer, booties).

2. Pumpkin Spice

While I may not be a fan of the seasoned drinks and snacks in this category (admittedly, I've never actually had a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte), I still love the scent and color of the iconic flavor. Every store you walk into will have an aisle that you can immediately pick out as the seasonal row by the heady and spicy aroma drifting from it. All items in the section are burnt orange, one of my favorite colors, and very typical of fall.

3. Halloween

From someone who is as interested and invested into makeup as I am, Halloween is a wonderland. It's an excuse to wear something utterly ridiculous on your face, and receive only compliments. Horror can be created from a couple of brushstrokes and some dilapidated clothing. Horror movies and shows at this time excite and frighten. Or the scary movie lightweights like me can watch our favorite spooky childhood films, like The Nightmare Before Christmas or the Harry Potter franchise. Candy is heaped everywhere you look, with no one to judge as you eat it because they're all doing the same thing. It's a night we can all shamelessly act like a kid again.

4. Outdoor Festivities

The fall weather allows for seasonal activities unlike any other all year. Pumpkin picking,corn mazes, and other barnyard-themed enterprises bring back nostalgia of your childhood. And now that I'm older, I enjoy doing other activities, such as hiking or going to Chipotle on Halloween night for a free meal. (You're welcome in case you didn't know about that.)

5. The Election

This may seem an odd thing to throw into a list of things I'm excited about. Truthfully, I'm pretty bummed over the entire state of the election so far-- like, how are these our best candidates? Who's great idea was it to throw these two into a race to run our country? That being said, their debates, retorts, and resultant parodies from this election are quite entertaining to watch. Almost as fun as Real Housewives.