Everyone has their go-to activity where they end up spending most of their time. For me, and about 100 other kids in my school, the activity was band. From spending hours in the heat during band camp to freezing in the bleachers during football games, every day was a new experience and new adventure. Thinking back to these memories I begin to learn what being in band really teaches you, outside of just music. Here are 5 things that bands kids learn during high school band.

1. How to Loosen Up

If you are an anxious, introverted character like myself being in band is the best way to learn how to open up and let go of some worries. It may be because band offers a new outlet to express yourself or maybe it's just because you'll make some friends who are incredibly outgoing and wonderful.

2. Be More Accepting of Quirks (Yours and Others)

Being in band, especially if you went to a larger school, opens up doors to meeting more and more people each year. These other kids will become your family and you will love them for everything they are, including all their little quirks.

3. Become a Leader

Whether you play 1st part or 4th part, being in band will give you leadership skills. You may notice that these skills begin to kick in during high school itself but they will stick with you for years to come. I mean who else is supposed to whip your section into shape? Or provide a helping hand when they need help figuring something out?

4. Time Management

You have class until 2, rehearsal at 2:15, work at 5, and 3 assignments and a paper due tomorrow but it's all under control. At least that is what you'll tell yourself after having a mild breakdown. Although, all this hectic scheduling isn't always a bad thing. You will start figuring out a system that will work best for you and manage to still have time for social interaction and a reasonable amount of sleep at the end of the day.

5. How to Win With Pride and Lose With a Smile

At the end of the day no matter a win or lose you are creating some of your most cherished memories with people that were strangers not too long ago. When you here your school's name over the loudspeaker at a competition you can feel your heart swell to the size of a balloon and nothing will really matter for awhile except for the fact that you make go deaf from the screaming from your bandmates. The hours of rehearsal and running the same sections over and over have paid off and you get to share this moment with a group of people who have gone through it all right next to you. It is an indescribable feeling. Except sometimes you don't win. Of course, it is only understandable that everyone may be a little bummed but that doesn't stop anyone from jamming out on the bus and going out to Mcdonald's afterward, even if it is nearly 1 in the morning. No one can guarantee a win or a loss but that doesn't change that fact that this is something you love and can't wait for the next time you pick up your instrument or step onto a marching field.