5 Things I Hear As A College Republican
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5 Things I Hear As A College Republican

Just because Democrat is the popular opinion doesn't make it the right one.

5 Things I Hear As A College Republican
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In America at the age of 18, citizens are given the right to vote. However, that age is greatly associated with people entering college and embracing liberal ways. The popular belief in most colleges is highly in favor of the democratic party and quite frankly, if you aren't, you'll hear a lot of crap for it. Here are just five of the overused phrases I just love to have thrown at me while they attempt to make me "feel the Bern" *insert eye roll*.

“You’re ignorant.”(Although most times I usually get it sent to me with the spelling as “your.”)

Liberals claim to be more open-minded than conservatives. Quite frankly, in my opinion (that I guess I’m not supposed to have according to most democrats), liberals tend to think that open-mindedness only refers to people who agree with their own ideas. I’d say that’s a tad ignorant.

“You’re republican because you’re white and probably rich.”

So do democrats have to be Hispanic, black, or another race? Those races listed above can’t be republicans? So who’s being close-minded and/or racist by your comment? Oh, you.

And rich? Newsflash, there are rich democrats. Also, I don’t have to be rich to be a republican, either. But hell, if I succeed with my college degree and work and then become extremely wealthy, I shouldn’t be punished for it. I would like to keep the money I earn, not have it taken from me and handed to others.
For the democrats who have actually worked or gone to school, did you ever work in a group project and do basically all the work and that one lazy group member still got an A for the work you did? Or at work you did something great and someone else took credit for it? I bet you hated that.
So why should I work for my money and it be handed to someone else?

“You must hate immigrants.”

You caught me… No. Is it wrong to believe people should come to America legally and become a citizen and not take advantage of benefits they would get if they were illegal? I’m a child of immigrant parents. I am a first generation American-born citizen. However, all of my family is here legally and have their citizenship. My family has worked their asses off since day one to be where we are today. I don’t find it fair for those to come to America and take advantage of our country. America’s freedom was worked for, it shouldn’t be walked all over and taken advantage of. My family didn’t get free food stamps, free emergency medical care, unemployment benefits… my family worked their asses off and did everything legally and respectfully. All for what? For their tax money to be taken out of their paycheck and go to those on welfare or to fund services that illegals get to use for free? Absolutely not. Those here illegally should not receive taxpayer benefits. I’m all for immigration, just make it safe and legal.

"Do you not support women’s rights?"

I’m a woman, of course I support women’s rights. However as far as the topic of abortion goes, I do not support a right to murder an unborn baby. What about rape, you say? Well, I’ve done my homework throughout the years, as you should too, and guess how many abortions are due to rape/incest? ONE. ONE PERCENT. I’m no mathematician, but I think the numbers speak for itself. For you other 99 percent, if you don’t want the baby, don’t make the baby; that baby didn’t have a choice, but you did. Once that baby is conceived, you shouldn’t get to decide for him/her. Your choice was already made. I understand health problems could arise, but that’s a very small percentage as well. I personally would take the risk of dying for my baby, who am I to say my life is more important? But like I said, that’s just a small percentage compared to those who abort babies as a form of birth control. I won’t even get started on how poorly abortion clinics are ran, how dangerous the effects are mentally and physically, and how misinformed people are about the facts.
But hey, if you believe the living, breathing baby inside you or the woman you impregnated is just a bunch of cells, it’s a shame your mother didn’t feel the same way.

"But you’re in college? Why wouldn’t you support someone who wants to give us free college?"

First of all, college is a privilege. High school is free and people take advantage of it. College is that extra step towards a job that sets you apart from others on your resume. If college is free, a bachelor’s degree will be no better than a high school degree. To get a better job, you’ll have to go to graduate school, but people are already doing that. A Masters would be the new Associates degree. The degrees would lose their value and things would be even more distressed.

Back to the “free” aspect of it… I’m sorry, but if you’re in college/have a college degree, hell, if you passed middle school, you should know that nothing is “free” especially college. The money is coming from somewhere and most likely it would be taxed out of “rich, white, republican” bank accounts and taxpayer money. If you support it so much, YOU go fund it on your own time and money… but that wouldn’t make it “free” would it? Oh.

There’s five of the many points I could have made. I understand that some of you will be glad that this stuff was said, whereas some of you will continue to call me an ignorant, rich, white brat. Either way, that’s ok. This is MY opinion. People feel the need to bash republicans, bash Trump, bash whoever doesn't believe what they do... I have the right to state my thoughts, too. I’m more than just a bank account that funds the welfare you support.

I'm an American who wants America to be great again, not socialist.

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