5 Things that Girl Scouts Understand
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5 Things that Girl Scouts Understand

Cookies, Sashes and Badges Galore!

5 Things that Girl Scouts Understand

I’ll be honest: I can’t remember what led me to becoming a Girl Scout. What I can say however is that after thirteen years of being in the organization, there are certain things you will only really understand if you are/were a Girl Scout as well.

1. Selling cookies is a SERIOUS business!

In the land of Girl Scouts, cookie season brings out the best and the worst in all of us. It’s scout vs. scout in a competition to sell the most cookies and gain the most bragging rights when you tell your your troop how much you sold (and if you managed to earn any of the prizes). Selling cookies usually becomes less important once you become an older scout as life and responsibilities get in the way, but it’s pretty clear that selling Girl Scout cookies is not only a staple of Girl Scout culture but a distinctive feature.

2. Once you know the pledge you know it for life.

Three fingers up ladies! After years of having to recite them every week at meetings, it’s hard to forget either of these and somehow manage to be stuck in your head forever. (I haven’t said either of these in years yet I can still recite them from memory).

3. The Uniform

Whether you chose to have a sash or a vest, you're not a scout without one. Each time you got a new one felt exciting but in hindsight, the uniforms are actually kind of cringe worthy and it can feel a little awkward to wear one out in public. Despite that, you feel some pride in you when you see it hanging in your closet at home.

4. Camping

There’s idyllic memories of going away to camp, singing songs and roasting marshmallows. . . OR you have horrible stories about bug bites, catfights and how much you hate camping and never want to go again (guilty as charged). Either way, whether you camped in the woods, in a cabin or on the beach, it’s something most Girl Scouts have had experience with.

5. Badges

How could I even dare think of leaving this off the list?

Decorating a cake badge? Earned. Pajama Party badge? Earned. Sewing Bage? Earned (even though I never sewed my own patches to my sash-sorry Mom!). They're pretty good incentive to do things you never thought about doing before.

Being a Girl Scout from Kindergarten through my Senior year of high school taught me so much that I still manage to incorporate into my everyday life (and yes, that includes knowing most lyrics to every major Girl Scout song).

Even though I’m technically not in the organization anymore, it’s pretty safe to say that once you join Girl Scouts, you’ll always be one at heart.

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