Apart of being in college is getting a coffee addiction. Between studying and exams and late-night shenanigans, coffee is always there to the rescue every morning.

1. You own too many to-go cups to count


Sometimes you cannot decide which thermos you want to use. Being eco-friendly is nice and you realize how much more coffee you can fit into each to-go cup.

2. The Baristas know your name before you even tell them



You ever walk into a coffee shop and all the baristas know you and your order? Yeah. Same. When they stop asking for your name and drink order, you know you go there too many times.

3. Is that jittery hands or just strength to finish your work before sun-down?



When working on assingnments sometimes you feel your hands shake for a moment and your heart rate goes up. Is that caffeine running through your veins? Yes. Yes it is.

4. There's three used mugs just chilling on your desk or nightstand



A busy college schedule means leaving dirty dishes around, but if you're a coffee addict, the only dirty dishes laying around are coffee mugs. Coffee mugs with that brown rim crusted inside.

5. You cannot function until you have a cup or two or three...



Do not even think about talking to a coffee addict until they have their first couple sips of coffee.

Being a coffee addict has its perks, but also some downfalls. In the end, at least we get every thing done.