Some time in high school, on of my best friends introduced me to the magical world of Pinterest. And thanks to her, I've been a tried and true fan of the website ever since. If you're on Pinterest or know someone who is on Pinterest, these are five things that we know to be true whether we'd like to admit it or not.

1. You go on Pinterest for everything

Need a idea for an interview outfit? Pinterest. Need a recipe for the potluck this weekend? Pinterest. I have used Pinterest as a source for inspiration for everything and I have used it as a source of information for small things. Basically, it's a handy tool all in the palm of your hand.

2. You rarely read pins before saving them

Sometimes, there isn't enough time to go through all the pins. So saving all of them while you have this short break is ideal. If it remotely looks like something that you like or would like, it's getting pinned. And sometimes it's not even pinned to the right board, so you pin it twice.

3. And then promising you will look over that one pin later

In my case, I've found that later never happens. I have tons of pins saved that I've never looked at. I'm sure all of them have great information or just some inspiration on a topic that I love. But the world may never know because I'm still never going to get to them.

4. You have multiple secret boards

One of the great things about Pinterest is that you can have boards that no one else knows about. It could be on topics that you find interesting, yet embarrassing. Or it could be about a secret project that you are working on for someone. What ever it is, it keeps your friends and family from knowing what exactly it is that you are pinning.

5. There is always that one board

You know, the one with all the random stuff that doesn't fit in with just one board. Or the one that actually has a general theme and you just started posting a bunch of stuff to. Whatever the case may be, that board is always the messiest. And this is the house to most of the pins that you never read.

Are there any other Pinterest truths that I left out? Sure there are. But these universal truths will always be part of the average Pinterest user's life.