5 Thank You's For My Big Brother

5 Thank You's For My Big Brother

Thank you for everything you have done, do, and will continue to do.

Without my brother, my life would have been miserable. He was and is one of my best friends. We don't always agree on everything but we do agree that we love each other. I owe you so many thank you's but here are 5 that cover only a fraction of the thanks I feel!

1. Thank you for always protecting me, even when I didn't know I needed it.

You still try to protect me, even though I'm a grown woman. I appreciate it though because I know it means you care. I know it's hard for you to see me as a woman, instead of the little sister who always needed you. You were forced into a father role and you don't know how much that means to me that you took it on so gracefully. I can still throw a pretty badass spiral because you would let me play with you and taught me the rules of football. Thank you for teaching me so much more about life than I could have ever imagined.

2. Thank you for being my best friend.

You were always there for me to vent at and simply talk to. You answered any questions I had about sex, life, money. You always treated me like an equal and not just some stupid kid. For all we went through, we had each other and we never let each other down. Thank you for being the person I could always go to.

3. Thank you for having my back and pushing me to be the best person I can be.

You bought me a book about budgeting for my birthday. You not only protect me but you always have my back and support my decisions. You give me your unbiased opinion and always give me honest advice but you never pressure me to take it. You give me the space to make decisions about my life but always stand next to me if I stumble in those decisions. Thank you for always supporting me in all that I do.

4. Thank you for giving me a best friend, my sister-in-law.

You married my best friend. You gave me someone I can trust wholeheartedly. She never betrays my trust, even to you. If I ask her for anything she is there for me. She always listens and I love gossiping with her about everything and anything. You gave that to me because without you I wouldn't have ever talked to her, due to the fact that I had misjudged her. You made me change the way I thought about her and thank god you did. She isn't just my best friend but rather she truly is my sister. Thank you for giving me a sister that influences the way I view and treat people.

5. Thank you for being the best big brother a little sister could ask for.

You weren't just a brother to me but you are a father figure. You were the person I turned to for everything in life and you still are. You gave me a sister, a wonderful nephew, a beautiful little niece, and a niece/nephew on the way. You gave me support and love. You gave me a friend when I had none. You taught me it's okay to be myself with my super weird personality that matches yours. You gave me the best big brother I could have asked for, thank you.

I owe a part of who I am to you. You are a role model and while you aren't perfect, you are an example of what I want the men in my life to be like: kind, loyal, and intelligent. Even a little nerdy because you watch Dragon Ball Z Super every Sunday. I hope one day, you will see all that you mean to me. You helped me to be a strong, smart, independent woman and you turned me into an Auntie Kitty, which is one of the best gifts to ever be given to me. Thank you for everything you have done, do, and will continue to do.

I love you, Matt.

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Sorry I'm The Youngest

I may be the baby, but I am mighty.

There is a common theory, or "syndrome," for the youngest child of a family. The youngest child is said to be spoiled, not as intelligent as siblings, coddled by parents, and one to take unnecessary risks. While I agree some of these facts may be true, I feel that the negativity behind being the youngest child is rude.

I am the youngest of three and the only girl might I add. I will admit I am spoiled and grades did not come as easy to me as they did for my brothers throughout high school. I do not agree though that I was in any way "coddled" by my parents or took any more risks than my brothers did.

Honestly, I probably took fewer risks. I see myself as the best-behaved child, but that's just my opinion.

While growing up, my tastes in clothing and accessories changed drastically. I attribute that to the time period in which I grew up and the school which I attended. I cannot help that my brothers grew up before me and had different tastes in clothing.

Plus, I am a girl. I am going to have more expensive tastes.

My brothers and I are all four years apart making the older of my two brothers almost ten years older than me. That is a HUGE difference when you think about how quickly trends change.

We grew up in a military family, but when I say we I really mean my brothers. My older brother moved 10 times, so he had the worst of the "military brat" life. I moved five of those times but was practically an infant so nothing affected me. Unlike my brothers, I have lived in the same neighborhood for 12 years. This was stability they were not given.

I was never really a "daddy's/mama's girl" growing up, but was equally close to my parents. As I've gotten older, I have become closer to my mom who has a passion for shopping. We now share this passion (LOL.) My brothers absolutely hate this. They think I am spoiled. I don't disagree.

I understand that I am spoiled, but I believe I deserve everything I have been given. To my parents, I am already a successful young adult. They are proud of me, and I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished thus far in just three short semesters.

I am sorry that I am the youngest child. I did not ask to be born last.

I am sorry I am the only girl. Guys, I asked mom for years for a sister! When the elves request Christmas lists for Santa, I am always the first to send mine in with links and pictures.

I am sorry, but I will no longer be unless you stop being rude about it.

Your baby sis,

Meg <3

Cover Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television

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To My Not-So-Little Brother

You don't have to get everything you do right the first time.

To my younger but not-so-little brother,

I know that things have changed between us since we were kids. (I'm sorry for that one time when I bit you because you ate a chip when I told you not to.) Thankfully, most of the changes have been for the better. We've become friends, not just blood. You're one of the first people I tell when something exciting happens in my life, and also that I talk to when I have something not so great going on.

There are a few things that I want you to know. First off, I want you to understand that no matter what happens in our lives, I will always be your big sister. I will be there for you, whether I'm living in the next room or hundreds of miles away. Call or text me, I promise to answer.

You need to know that you are different from others, in the most amazing ways. You are headstrong and a hard worker. You are caring. You are intelligent. You love others.

You can also be one of the laziest people I know, but I am always down to have a movie day watching Marvel movies with you.

You don't have to get everything you do right the first time. You are going to make mistakes, probably some big ones. Don't stress over them too much. Live and learn, and never be too proud to ask for forgiveness.

Sometimes life sucks. There is no way around it. But that does not mean that it will suck forever. Let things roll off you, and keep living your life the way you know is right.

Stick to your morals. You've grown up in a fairly sheltered environment. The next few years of your life are going to be an eye opener. Don't let them change who you are. You are better than that.

Always be a gentleman. I just know that someday, the perfect girl for you will come along and appreciate you for your heart. You have an awesome one.

Don't wish your life away. Sometimes I struggle with this too. I want to get past these times that are filled with so many uncertainties. Instead, enjoy how things are. If you aren't enjoying where you're at in life, do something about it.

Be a leader. You are one of those people that others look up to, both literally and figuratively. Use that, and share your heart with others.

Spread the gospel. I know this is hard, maybe the hardest thing on this list. But it is without a doubt the most important. When you tell people about your faith, you are living out God's purpose for your life. That's something incredible, because so many people will spend their whole lives trying to identify the reason they're here or what they can do to better the world. This is what you can do.

I need you to know that no how tall you get or how much we age, you will always be my little brother. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Cover Image Credit: Olivia Willoughby

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