5 Terrifying Halloween Costumes
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5 Terrifying Halloween Costumes

Happy almost Halloween!

5 Terrifying Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. It's a night of fun for people of all ages when everyone can get dressed up in costumes, eat candy and go to parties. The downside to Halloween is the creepy costumes that are still scary even though you see them every year. You're bound to see them pop up on Halloween and you cringe at the sight of them. Here’s a list of terrifying costumes you probably hate seeing in Halloween:

1. Clowns.

Clown costumes are extremely creepy especially in 2016 when clowns are trying to lure children into forests and are chasing after people with actual weapons. If you see a clown this year on Halloween, be careful because you don't know if it's the crazy kind or your typical clown.

2. Michael Myers.

There's a reason I don't watch the Halloween movies. Michael Myers is perhaps one of the scariest villains in any horror movie. He never dies. Just when you think he's been out in jail or killed, the trailer for another movie comes out and he's back again. Seeing Michael Myers on Halloween is the worst because you know he just can't be defeated.

3. Ghostface.

The Scream movies are classic and brilliant. The Ghostface mask is a common mask every year in Halloween. Children and adults love to dress up as the notorious serial killer. The mask is pretty creepy.

4. Anything bloody.

What's creepier than costumes with fake blood smeared all over them and all over people’s faces? Whether it's a zombie, a mummy, a farmer or a bunny, if there's blood in it it’s creepy.

5. Costumes with chainsaws.

If a person carries around a chainsaw on Halloween, it's creepy. The scary thing about Halloween is that everyone is dressed up as someone else so you don't know if someone is actually a chainsaw-carrying killer or just a friendly guy carrying around a chainsaw.

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