5 Technology Releases To Be Excited About

1. Xbox Scorpio

Let’s face it, there are many gamers out there right now, especially considering the popularity of streaming them on social media such as Twitch and YouTube. So with that being said, it is highly anticipated and I don’t know about well needed, but it is definitely highly wanted for gamers such as myself. It will be nice to see different layouts, weight, and size differences as well as new upgrades and other new things gamers would want.

2. Apple Laptops/Desktops

It is undeniable that Apple has taken over the tech scene as far as phones, computers, laptops, etc. It’s probably the most highly anticipated product out there for new phones and other devices for both children and adults alike. The newest anticipated ones to come in fall are the new iPad's and talk of when the iPhone 8 will come around and what new features will come with them. With the new iPad’s circulating around, we can see it will now come with a new multi-screen feature. Like the PC tablet, you will be able to view multiple things at the same time. Like if you were in a business meeting and they were presenting the new budgets and they send you a PowerPoint, word document, and a graph, you will now be able to see all three and look back and forth depending on which one they are speaking about. It will also come with all the same added features you normally get but with bonuses. Even more highly anticipated is the iOS 11 with this new release which is great for us Apple lovers.

3. Galaxy S8

For all those who don’t like Apple and are Samsung junkies, unlike myself, you might love this one. Presumed to come out in the fall, the new phone in the Galaxy line is coming up. With a wider screen, overall bigger phone, and updated technology, it is for those who are looking for a new phone or for those not interested in Apple.

4. Android Smartwatches

After the new Samsung phones are released, they too will release their version of a smartwatch after seeing the success of Apple’s Apple Watch. While Apple had a great success, I think Android will have good success as well, considering they are one of the top leaders. It will be interesting to see how they do and what they will look like.

5. Nintendo Switch Games

Yes, the beloved and one of the most talked about tech and gaming devices of this year will indeed be coming out with new games. As rumors have spread, the bigger it became known that they were making some kind of Mario game.

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