5 Techniques to Kick off Your Smoking Habit
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5 Techniques to Kick off Your Smoking Habit

We all know smoking is detrimental to our health.

5 Techniques to Kick off Your Smoking Habit


We all know smoking is detrimental to our health. Who has not seen the warnings from countless educational videos? Even tobacco products are plastered with labeling and health warnings.

Still, many are addicted to smoking. Many invoke bodily rights in the “should I or should I not" smoke argument. As much as it is true, the health risks of firsthand and secondhand smoke remain alarming.

Are you one of the many trying to quit the habit? Here are five alternatives you might find effective to curb your smoking routine.

1. Use Nicotine Replacements

Perhaps the most popular nicotine replacements are nicotine patches, lozenges, and gums. Television has consistently shown them as a helpful alternative to smoking. And they are! These products are great ways to wean you off nicotine slowly.

Yet, if these three don't work, don't lose hope. Other less popular nicotine replacements are inhalers and nasal sprays. Inhalers hit you with a dose of nicotine (an amount that you can lessen, little by little).

Nasal sprays are a more potent alternative as they send nicotine to the bloodstream. These are recommended for heavy smokers or as a first step to quitting. Be wary, however, as these alternatives have their side effects. It is best to consult with the doctor first before using these.

Speaking of doctors, they can also give you prescriptions for medication that helps with quitting. Chantix and Zyban are two of the many forms of medicine that can help you stop.

2. Turn to E-Cigarettes

Although smoking e-cigarettes is often discouraged, they are arguably a better alternative to chain smoking. You can decrease nicotine percentages in vapes and replace them with “more natural” flavors. E-cigarettes’ popularity increased, so they have become more affordable.

E-cigarettes, also known as vaping, come with possible risks, although it hasn't been around long enough to determine their long-lasting effects on the body. The habit can also be addicting if not used properly. If you're a chain smoker, vaping could be an option. But for non-smokers, it's best to say no altogether.

3. Distract Yourself With Stimulating Activities

It is, perhaps, one of the healthiest alternatives to smoking. Heavy smokers may need gradual minor nicotine fixes to quit, but average smokers may best succeed by distracting themselves from the habit. Experts say smoking is often triggered by boredom or inactivity.

To combat this, you can choose a stimulating distraction–preferably one that involves using your hands. For example, going out to a non-smoking café with a friend who can call you out is a good alternative. Playing a video game that requires intense concentration is another one.

Anything that keeps your mind constantly engaged without harming your body is a good distraction. When your mind is occupied with tasks, the brain seldom has time to entertain the craving to smoke.

4. Smoke Hemp-Based Herbal Cigarettes

Sometimes, quitting is challenging, especially under peer pressure or during social gatherings. It's better if you know how to set boundaries vs. smoking. But another technique you can try is switching to herbal cigarettes.

Herbal cigarettes use basil, lemongrass, spearmint, and other natural tobacco alternatives. Its biggest downer: They may not provide the feel-good effect cigarettes deliver. So if you're looking for that kick, you should try hemp-based cigarettes such as Oklahoma Smokes.

These cigarettes look and taste like regular cigarettes minus the nicotine and tobacco. Oklahoma Smokes contains eight percent cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG), which positively affect the body. It only has trace amounts of THC (a psychotropic compound), ensuring it won’t give you the high.

With Oklahoma Smokes, you can keep your addictions in check while still being able to smoke in social situations. Enjoining your tobacco-smoking pals to try your hemp-based cigarette could convince them to make the switch.

Miss holding an actual cigarette in your hand and frowning upon nicotine replacements, vaping, and keeping busy? Then hemp-based cigarettes might be your thing.

5. Immerse Yourself in Your Favorite Hobby

One of the best solutions to quit smoking is to level up on your favorite hobby. It is like embedding physical activity discussed in item 4, but more meaningful. Finding activities to distract you from hitting a puff could be practical if you’re a light smoker. But keeping busy with a hobby that interests them might help heavy smokers.

For example, you can join a team playing your favorite sport or start a journal. You can hit the gym or go surfing on the beach. Your favorite hobbies are the better parts of you and may help you overcome the unfortunate habits you've picked up.

The idea is to have so much fun with your hobbies that you forget your craving to smoke. Who will have the time or energy to think about smoking when engrossed in their favorite hobby? Hopefully, not you.

Quit Smoking for Good

You can try one or all the things discussed in this article to help you quit tobacco smoking. It all boils down to adhering to your very own stop-smoking plan. Stopping cold turkey may not be practical nor beneficial, but a well-thought-out plan addresses both the short- and long-term goals of leaving the habit and preventing a relapse.

Remember: You can quit smoking. Just don’t abandon your willpower.

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