5 Sure-Fire Ways To Avoid Plans With People
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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Avoid Plans With People

It's easier to lie than to actually tell someone no

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Avoid Plans With People

When is the last time you actually told someone “No,” and not an excuse?

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I, like many others, like to have some “me time,” and that involves rejecting plans from friends. I often feel bad… but why? Why can’t I just say no? Why do I owe anyone an explanation if I don’t want to do something; news flash B, you don’t.

If you’re like me, you have your tried and true ways of neglecting question to hang out; so below, I’ve included 5 of my favorite ways of getting out of things.

1. The Classic “But I never got that text???”

This one is my personal favorite, because for one thing; if you say this often enough, people will quit texting you altogether, and only call (which is easier to ignore). It’s also a personal favorite because it give you even more of an excise to keep your reads off. And, as a perk, you’re not directly saying no to said plans… so you don’t have to feel bad.

2. The Never Failing “Oh man, I was napping!!!!”

This one just speaks for itself, because again, by ignoring them, you’re saying no, and not really hurting any feelings… the only downfall is you have to lay low of social media until your ‘nap’ is over… or you can just actually nap.

3. The Always Faithful “I have TOOOONSS of Homework duuuuddeeee”

I like this one because 1) it shows your studious habits, and 2) your friends don’t want you to fail out of school, so it’s a very solid excuse.

4. The Old “ Sorry, I have to cover someone’s shift”

No one can get mad at you for making money, End of story.

5. The Original “No”

This one, for many, is the hardest to do… since when did it become so easy to lie, and so hard to tell the truth? Saying No is empowering, I suggest you try it.

All joking aside, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to. You are your own person, and if you feel tired, uncomfortable or just feel like relaxing, you have no obligation to ANYONE.

Do me, and yourself a favor. Say no to something you want to say no to. Do not offer any excuse as to why you’re saying no… just say it.

(Also to my friends, I've probably used these on you one time or another, and I'm sorry that I'm not sorry)

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