5 Struggles Only Young Aunt And Uncles Know
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5 Struggles Only Young Aunt And Uncles Know

Please ignore the two car seats in my backseat.

5 Struggles Only Young Aunt And Uncles Know

My sister had her first baby when I was 15 and her second when I was 17. I have been around babies for what feels like decades. It's been so long I literally thought I had to be younger when they were born because there is no way it's been that little time. Being their auntie is great, and I wouldn't trade a second for it. Being young and having nieces and nephews has some struggles too.

1. You're the only one in your friend group who doesn't have baby fever.

All of your friends want a baby, and they want one now. Yeah, they’re cute and all. But you’ve seen the tantrums, you’ve changed the disgusting diapers, and you’ve had them sneeze all over you. You have handled only a fraction of the responsibilities, and you know you aren't ready. Maybe one day in the future, but you possess nothing in you that wants one now.

2. Accidentally using baby talk with your friends.

Yes, I am aware that most 20-year-olds don’t call the bathroom "the potty" at the club. No, I don’t care that I just did. And no, I don’t care that everyone thinks I’m nuts.

3. People think they're your kids.

There is nothing worse than someone coming up to you and telling you your kids are beautiful and look like you. Yeah, they’re beautiful, I agree, but they so aren’t mine. They only look like me because we share some of the same DNA.

4. When they call you "mommy" in public.

Scratch that, there is nothing worse than them calling you "mommy" in public. Yes, lady, I have a 1-year-old on my hip and a 3-year-old throwing a tantrum. No, they aren’t my kids despite what one of them just called me. Mind your business and stop giving me dirty looks.

5. You’re totally biased when it comes to your nieces and nephews.

Sure, your friend’s new niece is cute, but have you seen yours? She was a way more beautiful baby than that, and she’s even more beautiful now. And your nephew? He is way cuter when he laughs. No matter how smart or cute someone else’s niece or nephew is, you still think yours are better.

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