Moving into a new place can be hard, whatever it is. Moving from a new place; from an old place or just starting fresh, everyone has been through it and everyone understands how hard it can be. The struggle of moving into a new place can be annoying and frustrating and sometimes is hard to keep your patience. This year I moved into a new place and my heart was full of excitement. This was my first apartment and I was clueless what I was getting myself into. Luckily, I had my parents to help me move all in and here are some struggles we had along the way.

1. Moving things up the stairs

Carrying up boxes, furniture and everything that needs to go in your apartment can be tiring and just plain hard. You carry up things -- all shapes and sizes -- and need to find the best way to get it up the stairs. Not only does this take strength, but it also takes some great planning.

2. Millions of trips to the store

Every trip to the store you walk out with bags full of stuff and somehow you have tons of stuff you still need to get. You always forget the things you went to the store for and you always think of more and more stuff you need. The list just keeps getting bigger and the trips continue to load up.

3. Building furniture

Everything that you have bought from Ikea and Wal-Mart that comes all neat in that little box? Yup, you have to build up all that furniture. Once you build the furniture, you feel super accomplished and like a champion, until you look over and see the stack of boxes you still have to unpack.

4. Rearranging furniture over and over again

As you move into your new place, you have an idea in your back of your head how you want it to look. This may seem like a good thing because it will help you set up, but in reality, your idea isn't the same as how it's going to look and how the person next to you wants it. Setting up furniture is a struggle because you constantly have to redo things to try to shape your ideal living area with the space that is provided.

5. Learning everything about your new place

Now that your all moved in all the worries are gone -- right? Nope, for the next few weeks you don't have any idea how to use anything and you always forget where everything is. This struggle is what comes along with a new place and the effect of having people help you move in. It seemed great when they helped you with the previous struggles but the help created a new problem; finding everything in your own house.