5 Strange Hobbies You Didn't Know Existed
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5 Strange Hobbies You Didn't Know Existed

People are weird—it's that simple.

5 Strange Hobbies You Didn't Know Existed

Imagine this—poor, research analyst Steve is stuck in his glum office from 9:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday (not to say research analysts have it the worst, but I highly doubt it’s a glamorous job). He has chronic back pain and a nasty case of, yes, chronic divorce. But our friend Steve soon comes to find that he thoroughly enjoys couponing. Everything about couponing gives him life, and there’s nothing like the feeling he gets when a pack of Devil Dogs and store-brand Pepsi costs him less than 75 cents.

Suddenly, Steve’s alive again. He can feel again. And we all know what it’s like to have this revelation, when a hobby we've picked up fuels our long, monotonous days, no matter how odd the pastime might be. (Here’s a fun fact: Johnny Depp has been rumored to collect none other than Barbie dolls.) And isn’t that why we’re on this earth—to find our true callings in life even if they are stranger than strange?

Extreme Ironing

Clearly, the satisfaction of a wrinkle-free shirt is not enough for some folks. They need that risk factor—the fear of, well, dying. Claimed to be started by a man named Phil Shaw when he brought an ironing board on a rock climbing trip, this hobby has people pressing their office clothes on top of mountains, in kayaks, while skiing or snow boarding and even while jumping out of airplanes. At least if they fall to their doom, these iron maniacs will have smooth shirts without a crease to be seen.

Competitive Dog Grooming

Like us humans, every dog deserves to be pampered every now and then. But you haven’t seen anything quite like this. It’s as though these proclaimed “pet stylists” want Halloween all-year-round, seeing who can transform their pooch into the unrecognizable. Poor canine-turned-camel here doesn't even know what's hit him.

Giant Knitting

Some may call it crazy, others may…still call it crazy, but knitting just got a whole lot bigger—literally. Jacqui Fink is an Australian artist who specializes in extreme knitting and her creations are mind-blowing. For some of her throws and blankets she uses—you guessed it—giant knitting needles. And for others, she uses a technique called “arm knitting.” I'd love to see Grandma pick up a pair of these.

Eggshell Carving

Instead of cracking open an egg in the morning for frying, here’s an idea: why not drain it and create a masterpiece? After drawing on designs, egg sculptors use a variety of carbide and diamond cutting tools, such as drills, to carve intricate works of art. One thing’s for sure—this pastime is not for everyone (aka people with short tempers and no patience).


I kid you not—mooing isn’t just a hobby, it’s a competitive one at that. Most common in rural areas known for their dairy, contests such as these are a big hit at state fairs. At the Wisconsin State Fair back in 2010, Austin Siok won for the best “moo” out of more than 80 contestants. The then-fifth-grader’s prize was $1,000. I guess we should all start practicing our cow impersonations to pick up a little extra cash. I mean, how could you pass up an opportunity like this?

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