The 5 Stages of the Trivia Crack Addiction
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The 5 Stages of the Trivia Crack Addiction

The 5 Stages of the Trivia Crack Addiction

Substance abuse is a serious problem. It’s an obsessive habit that is hard to quit and takes years of therapy to recover from. With that being said, I have never tried crack cocaine, nor will I, but Trivia Crack feels like my personal, digitalized version of the hard-core narcotic. It is the newest street drug spreading like wildfire around the cyber world as its high overpowers any urge to quit and forces its users to continue to play. Many smartphone users are beginning to feel the pressures of the addictive app that is taking hold of our everyday lives. One tap and we’re hooked. It is a game that not only degrades our brain down to its core, but also pressures our peers into falling into the same addictive cycle we can’t escape. Without further ado, here are the five stages of the Trivia Crack addiction.

1. Experimentation
So your friend, family member or aunt’s boyfriend’s hot younger brother has peaked your interest about the app. The biggest thing is that it’s for free. One little download won't hurt, right? WRONG. As fast as Byrnn from "Bridesmaids" was persuaded to get a Mexican drinking worm tattooed on her back, Trivia Crack users find themselves just as easily persuaded to start yet another new game with a different Facebook friend. Oh and how convenient. It links right up to your Facebook so there's easy access to slip into the circle of addicts that have become too attached to the the game just as fast as you have.

2. Regular Use
It becomes a daily occurrence to scroll through Twitter, Instagram something artsy and then challenge three opponents on Trivia Crack. Racing against time competing with other players leaves you feeling so overwhelmed, thrilled and excited that it feels like you just won the Stanley Cup. You forget that it's just a game. But you're already too absorbed, and playing multiple 25 rounds of Trivia Crack is now more important than going out with your friends or even eating dinner. Gaining the Entertainment character then winning the Science character back to back is the best high there is. It's fair to say that Trivia Crack has wedged its little self into your day-to-day routine and good luck trying to stop now. You explain to those concerned about your well-being that you simply don't have time for anything else. You just like being a winner, okay?

3. Risky Use
Out of habit you find yourself constantly using and abusing. You cannot help yourself. Defeating an opponent is so rewarding that you must start a new game with them, the high of it all is so astoundingly overpowering. Call it what you want, but you've become obsessed about gaining the six characters and expanding your knowledge about "Who is the highest scorer for the Detroit lions?" or "What animal in Africa kills the most people every year?" You're sneaking around playing rounds, your behavior has begun to worry some of your loved ones and you feel yourself even sending in questions you designed to the Question Factory. You're on a binge and it's hard to say if you will ever get off this Trivia Crack bender. But like Miley so perfectly says, we can't stop and we won't stop.

4. Dependence
You NEED Trivia Crack. You CAN'T live without this game. It no longer has become a fun pastime as you choose to play a category. Now you lose yourself while playing or won't stop until you defeat everyone in your path. Trivia Crack has become your everything. You dream about those bright basic colors and that animated, smiley spin wheel. Your new theme song: "Sit down (Trivia Crack). Stand up (Trivia Crack). Pass out (Trivia Crack). Wake up (Trivia Crack). Faded (Trivia Crack). Faded (Trivia Crack)."

5. Addiction
Stage 5. You are fully and head over heels addicted to this game. You love this app so much you are even starting to buy power-ups... that's when you know. You're constantly checking what levels you've achieved and your overall ranking. You feel your best when you have three lives under your belt with at least 27 games playing, even though you look like you haven't slept in days. Your brain is a fountain of miscellaneous facts, but your thirst to learn and defeat even more opponents is worse than Edward Cullen's lust for Bella's jugular. All I have to say is, let the odds be ever in your favor.

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