It is known all over the world that southerners have their own language and sometimes it can be hard for anyone who is not from the south to know what they even mean. So, here is a list of a few of the big phrases that everyone knows if you grew up in the South.

1. Piddle Paddle

If someone tells you to "Quit piddle paddling around" they are trying to tell you to quit waisting time or hurry up.

2. Knee high to a grasshopper.

An age reference, your mom might say, "When you were knee high to a grasshopper you didn't like artichokes."

3. Goober

Goober is someone that is doing something inappropriate or annoying. Some might tell you "Quit being a goober."

4. Hunky Dory

hunky dory is a term that means everything is great. You might hear it like this, "Everything is just hunky dory today" meaning your day has been good.

5. Bless your heart

When in the south you might notice how people will say "Bless your heart" before they insult someone. That is because if you say "Bless your heart" before anything that is the signal that you can say whatever you want and others automatically know what you are saying, and it wont be taken offensively

Now that you know these five southern phrases you will not be lost in a conversation with a southerner!