5 Signs Your Life Is A Hallmark Movie
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5 Signs Your Life Is A Hallmark Movie

All the clichés and happy endings.

5 Signs Your Life Is A Hallmark Movie

I love Hallmark movies. Now I know they aren’t the greatest films to ever grace our screens, but there’s something so engaging about them that I simply cannot resist watching them even with the silly clichés and subpar writing. I think what really pulls me in is the promise of a happy ending. The guy and girl will fall in love, the family feuds will end, and the whole town celebrates when the bad guy (usually some big city slicker) is defeated. Then the movie ends and we’re back to the real world, where fate is much harder to find and clichés are much less common. But if the following five things are happening in your life, there’s a chance you’re living in a Hallmark movie.

1. A ruggedly handsome man.

A key requirement to a Hallmark movie is the leading man. The leading man isn't going to be a lawyer with slicked hair and snazzy suits. No, he must have a down-to-earth style and a “man’s” job. Like in the hardware store or some cliché like that. And while he is attractive, he isn’t obviously attractive. He’ll be a little rough around the edges, but once you break down his walls (most likely put up after a girl breaks his heart or because of parents who never cared enough), you’ll find he’s super sweet, romantic and worthy.

Oh, and he’ll most likely have dark hair and a name like “Jack” or “Charlie.”

2. Some sort of “fate” is involved.

A very important part of a Hallmark movie is meeting this leading man. It has to be incidental, almost as if fate or destiny led you to each other. There are multiple ways that fate might cause this meeting, though. Your car could break down right in front of his house or job. You may help one of his loved one’s cross the street or pay for their food. It has to be something that is simple to you yet extraordinary for him or vice versa. This moment of fate will set the tone for the rest of the relationship so it’s very key, although you don't know it at the moment.

3. An adorable child.

Having a cute kid in your life isn’t necessarily a key sign that you are living a Hallmark movie. But it might be if this kid a) is way more mature than normal, b) somehow helps you find yourself, and c) helps your and the leading man’s relationship grow further. Now this element may not seem too important, but this kid probably is one the key ingredients to the silly happy ending of all Hallmark movies. This child will help the movie come to a resolution in some way (like clearing up any misunderstandings or coming up with a solution to whatever problem has occurred leading up to the climax).

If you find yourself becoming best friends with a child that fits this description, it's best to continue on this course as they are somehow connected to the ruggedly handsome man and will help you win his heart.

4. Wise old person/couple that advises you.

On the other hand, we have the old person or couple that will advise you on your journey. They may not even have main character status in the film and only be on the screen for five minutes, but you can be sure they will give you the final advice that will lead to your happy ending. Either through telling their own love story or by saying something like, “Follow your heart,” you will change whatever plan you had and go after your man and/or real dreams instead of doing something else (like marry the wrong man or take the job your parents want you to). The quirky old person or couple will set you on the right path of your Hallmark movie with their wise ways and ability to see right through you.

(Also, it’s important to note that if it's Christmastime, the quirky old person is most likely dressed up as Santa Claus.)

5. Quirky little town.

Finally, the entirety of your Hallmark movie will take place in a town that is a little quirky and reminds you of Mayberry. Everyone will know everyone, there will be locally owned stores up and down the streets, and all the residents are very keen to help any neighbors or strangers. If you find that the previous four factors are occurring in a town like this, you are most assuredly living in a Hallmark movie. All the townspeople will be obsessed with you and your possible relationship with the rugged man, and they will do their best to make sure it happens.

If these five key Hallmark movie traits are occurring in your life, then congratulations! You are on your way to a happily (cliché) ever after! If not, don't fret. The real world is just as magical as any Hallmark movie and your happy ending is right around the corner. Just listen to your heart!

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