5 Signs You Might Be The Blunt Friend
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5 Signs You Might Be The Blunt Friend

Every friend group needs one

5 Signs You Might Be The Blunt Friend

Taking on the role of the designated blunt friend is something that most people can’t imagine doing. It involves putting yourself out there without fully knowing what consequences your words will have but disregarding your concern in order to tell the truth. Throughout my life, I have learned that many people can’t handle brutal honesty, and truthfully I am not surprised. We live in a society of people that have been conditioned to sugar coat their words at the expense of being honest. No one ever wants to experience a moment where they might feel uncomfortable, which is often a by-product of the truth. Society’s obsession with political correctness has deteriorated the movement of free thought, so naturally, this would transfer over into relationships between families and friends as well.

To clarify, I am not advocating that we go around verbally assaulting each other for shits and giggles, but I do believe that a certain amount of honesty is needed for the world to go round. This doesn’t mean that I am heartless; I just am able to easily detach myself from others’ feelings in order to view the situation from a critical perspective, and it’s refreshing to meet someone like-minded. Here are five signs that you might be the blunt friend, too.

1. You give your honest opinion

Someone needs to honestly answer when your mom asks if that dress makes her look fat. Chances are if she’s asking that question, she already knows the answer. From an analytical standpoint, you would rather risk hurting her feelings now, and save her the embarrassment of looking like a stuffed cannoli later. God forbid if anyone mistakes her for being pregnant! This way, she can change into a more flattering silhouette, and fully enjoy the evening since she will be more comfortable and confident in her new outfit.

2. You have no problem telling strangers to back off

Over the years, I have been in numerous situations where I can see my friend struggling to end a conversation with a pushy guy and escape, but her “niceness” prevents her from doing so. I have taken it upon myself to free my besties from being forcibly hugged by drunk men. Sure, I risk depicting myself as a raging lunatic at times, but if someone already isn’t respecting my friend’s words, then I automatically have no respect for them. Whether for yourself or for a friend in need, you recognize when someone is threatening in a situation, and you get yourself and your friend out of it.

3. You stand up for your friends against other friends

Perhaps the trickiest situation I have found myself in is when one of my friends is blatantly hurting a mutual friend of ours without any regard to her feelings. That is just not something that I can sit back and watch, especially if she is enduring the pain just to preserve the attacker’s feelings. You know you might lose her friendship in the process of standing up against her, but why would you want to be friends with that kind of person anyways?

4. You can admit when you have messed up

Being the analyzer that you are, you know when you messed up. You feel that you have a moral obligation to make amends. While it will probably be uncomfortable apologizing for what happened, it is well worth saving a relationship.

5. You would prefer to address an issue instead of sweeping it under the rug

I hate to see a relationship of any kind ruined because small issues have built up over time, leading to resentment towards each other. Nothing will ever be resolved by avoiding the conversation head-on or playing mind games with each other. Cut the crap, and just talk it out.

Unfortunately, if you’re the blunt friend, you’ll probably lose a friend or two in the process of being yourself. While it sucks at the time, it’s not a valid reason to suppress who you are. The friends who accept your personality, no matter how bold it may be, are the ones to keep around for a lifetime. Those closest to you know that you have good intentions, and that is all that matters.

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