Everyone is alone at some point or another. For most people, being alone means feeling lonely. But for others, it means feeling liberated. How does being alone make you feel? If you lean more towards liberated, you're probably a pretty independent person. Here are five more signs that you're independent.

1. You're hesitant to ask for help for anything because you feel you can help yourself.

This is probably one of your worst traits, but it shows just how independent you are. You hate asking for help because it puts you in a vulnerable position and you feel as if you're damaging your pride, whether you're just assembling furniture or asking for a loan.

2. Your thoughts are well-developed.

While you sometimes feel conflicted, you're very in touch with yourself. You've probably thought out many details about yourself, and you've got a very strong and unique perception of the world, because you don't derive it from the perceptions of others.

3. You have no problem with doing things on your own.

You've grown accustomed to strolling past flocks of girls at the mall. It doesn't make you feel lonely or friendless, because you just know that you prefer doing these kinds of things alone.

4. You get told that you're mature for your age.

Self-reliance is a rare trait in young children, but you spent your childhood years playing on your own. Not being with others gave you a chance to quietly and peacefully observe, which is why you were the first one in your class to know everyone's name and be able to get a good idea of what they liked and what kind of person they were. You grew up and got a chance to sharpen and refine your skills, and now you can read people like a book.

5. You had a little bit of trouble making friends.

You might've been that kid in the corner who didn't want to talk to anyone, but more likely you had trouble cultivating friendships because it requires you to put a certain amount of trust into another person that you've already invested into yourself.