5 Signs That You Have A Sweet Tooth

It is bad. My diet always starts tomorrow. It just can't be helped that I always crave sweets; somehow it cheers me up a lot and relieves stress. However, the signs I will be writing below may not be completely good signs because they may get out of control. Sorry, not sorry--you may not realize this, but sweets help you in some sorts of ways. So, stop thinking of getting a salad for lunch or stop eating after 8 p.m. every night. As long as you have self-control, let yourself loose once in awhile.

1. "What's for dessert?"

A question I have been asking after every meal everyday. I always have another stomach or to say, I leave space for dessert. A meal isn't complete without much sugar.

2. You get upset when you cannot find anything sweet in your house.

This happens to me all the time. Even when I am not that hungry, I just need something to munch on, like cookies or ice cream. They instantly make my day so much better. Sweets along with Netflix is the best combo I can ask for.

3. You don't just get coffee at Starbucks.

Something needs to go with coffee, like a chocolate chip cookie or cake pop. You just need a slight sweetness to make your day better instead of just that bitterness in coffee.

4. Cupcakes and macaroons are still your all-time favorites.

You swear you will try all the flavors because you simply can't resist.

5. You keep justifying that sweets are good.

You know for sure that you probably are gaining weight with all these sweet but you feel sweet craving can make you feel better.

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