5 Signs That You're Burning Out

5 Signs That You're Burning Out

Burnout is a physical or mental collapse by overwork or stress.

In different aspects of our lives, whether its sports or academics or even in the workplace, we experience something we call burnout. So, we will explore what it is and what some of the signs are that you're experiencing it.

What is burnout?

As defined by the dictionary, burnout is a physical or mental collapse by overwork or stress and results in the decline in their performance and overall quality of life. Burnout occurs when an individual is experiencing chronic stress. When an individual feels this way, they exceed the capabilities of their available resources in order to deal with the stressors.What are some signs of burnout?

Here are five signs that you are experiencing burnout.

1. Lack of Motivation:

Have you experienced a loss of enthusiasm or lose internal motivation for your work or sport? This is a sign of burnout. Often times this occurs when people get into routines and have less to focus on. Change your schedule around a bit, go somewhere else for lunch or take on a different method on training. Be creative!

2. Frustration and Negativity

Negative feelings and emotions flourish when we begin to burnout and often expedite that downward spiral. Don’t allow these emotions to fester; internally check yourself and find when you find these feelings, remove yourself from the stress and relax.

3. Not Taking Care of Yourself

Cutting corners while you’re getting ready in the morning or skipping a meal to keep working can only multiply the stress on your body. That extra 15 minutes of rest in the morning isn’t worth the disorganized rush to get out the door that can ruin the rest of your day. If you like you’re moving slow, drink a glass of water! That will give you a small boost to get you through your morning routine! Remember to maintain good hygiene; taking showers and brushing your teeth good for maintaining your health.

4. Slipping Performance

Cutting corners and not doing what is required will ultimately end up with you losing a few points or generating a poor product. To help alleviate this, look at your past performances and compare where you are to those. Taking this perspective will help clear details and give you aspects to work on.

5. Being at work… even when you’re not at the office

If you’re using mental energy mulling over issues at your job and you aren’t at work then your job is interfering with your ability to recover from the stresses of that environment. In order to recover from your day, you have to take relaxation seriously. That means adequate sleep, eating right, and disconnecting from the stressors.

There are a few tips on burnout. There are many strategies to figuring out what you can do to help yourself overcome it. Always keep one thing in mind though, your health should come first. DO the things necessary to keep yourself going and your performance will follow.

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Sometimes I Feel Like The World Is Against Me

Sometimes I wish I could just be content with what’s around me, but that’s so hard when the world doesn’t live up to the least bit of your expectations.

We all have days where it feels like the world is against us. Those days come and go, sometimes more frequently than we would like. But do you ever feel like those days are more often for yourself than others? It seems as if those bad days outweigh the good days. You feel as if the world’s sole purpose is to work against you.

I must admit, I have the “bad” days pretty often. I use quotation marks around the word bad because I don’t even know if I would consider them to be that; most of the time they just don’t go my way. That can get so irritating. It’s as if you spend your days wishing for good rather than being able to just live in the moment.

Sometimes I wish I could just be content with what’s around me, but that’s so hard when the world doesn’t live up to the least bit of your expectations. Man, can something just go right for me?

I’ve tried to work through these things though. I try to remind myself that this too shall pass. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next year, but it does eventually. Everything has an ending, and this does include bad phases and darkness. To be completely honest, sometimes you have more control than you think.

I’m having to learn to truly take time to think about the way I react to things. My reactions lately have been to become irritable and stress over things that can be fixed if I stopped and thought it through. You’ve got to take things as they come. Being resentful can only hurt you. Sometimes you just have to forgive the world.

Throughout this rut, keep in mind that you will come out stronger and that something good will come out of this. Ever heard the saying “After rain, there's a rainbow, after a storm there's calm, after the night there's a morning, and after an end, there's a new beginning.” You will make it through what seems to be so bad right now. The world is not against you. We all have experienced this feeling of hopelessness.

You can make it through this just like you made it through anything else. Every problem has a solution. No matter how hard it looks, in time there will be a solution. What seems to be troubles right now just might be a blessing in disguise. God’s plan is not always our plan, and when you see His plan unravel you will feel such relief; you will wonder why you were ever so worried and upset to begin with. I have experienced that relief firsthand. What you think is the death of you just might be your saving grace.

Don’t ruin the present by dwelling on the future. It’s all part of your journey. This roadblock could lead you to new beginnings. Tough times help us see ourselves and our lives in a different light. One day, you will be able to look back on the hard times and be thankful.

Cover Image Credit: 123rf.com

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I Wish I Could Tell My Anxiety To Calm Down

Meet the evil cousin I never wanted.


My name is Anxiety. Depending on who you are, I will have different effects on you. But the bottom line is all the same. I am the evil cousin that you don't see coming and you never asked for.

Remember that text that you sent that you thought was funny but no one responded... of course you do, because you are still stressing about it. Asking yourself why did you send it at all? What if it made them mad instead of laugh? What if they think you’re weird and don't want to talk to you anymore?

What about when you walked into the room and the two girls in the back stared at you for just a second too long. Did you offend them? Are they talking about you? Maybe you should talk to them? No, wait! What would you even say?

What would you say? Hi? What if they don't want to talk to you? What do you do after that, say what's up? No that's too generic. What if you say something stupid? Too late you already look stupid because now you've walked into a room sat down in a hurry so people will stop staring. And now you are fixated on the idea that everyone is staring at you. You can't sit still.

You question what to do. Do you stay? Do you leave?

Your chest is getting heavy like a pile of bricks are resting on top of your rib cage, and you can't breathe. You wonder if all of a sudden you have asthma. Nope.

That's me.


Your chest begins to weigh on you.

Your mind is racing, it's like 99 radios are all playing at the same time and you can’t seem to focus on just one. The volume is getting louder and louder. You can’t tell which thoughts are you or which thoughts are me... anxiety.

You try to tell yourself to stop stressing. But then you are stressing about not stressing.

Your panic is getting worse.

You being to shed a tear. Praying that no one sees. You feel like you want to run.

Then you realize you do. You get up and leave. As if that would be a simple solution. But no.

I've already taken flight. I have you now.

Thoughts racing.

Calm down...

Heart is pounding so hard it hurts.

Just breathe...

Trying to gasp for air as if you are drowning in the water. You are drowning. You’re drowning in your thoughts. Those thoughts that you aren’t good enough. That you’re crazy. Why can’t you be normal? Why do I worry so much? I worry about worrying. No one gets it…

Don’t worry about it…

As your hands are shaking uncontrollably as if you were standing outside in a winter's snow.

Calm down…

Calm down?

It’s okay…

Is it really okay? Your mind has completely abandoned you. The thing you thought was yours has now turned on you and you feel like a stranger in your own body.

I am Anxiety.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

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