5 Signs That You're Burning Out

5 Signs That You're Burning Out

Burnout is a physical or mental collapse by overwork or stress.

In different aspects of our lives, whether its sports or academics or even in the workplace, we experience something we call burnout. So, we will explore what it is and what some of the signs are that you're experiencing it.

What is burnout?

As defined by the dictionary, burnout is a physical or mental collapse by overwork or stress and results in the decline in their performance and overall quality of life. Burnout occurs when an individual is experiencing chronic stress. When an individual feels this way, they exceed the capabilities of their available resources in order to deal with the stressors.What are some signs of burnout?

Here are five signs that you are experiencing burnout.

1. Lack of Motivation:

Have you experienced a loss of enthusiasm or lose internal motivation for your work or sport? This is a sign of burnout. Often times this occurs when people get into routines and have less to focus on. Change your schedule around a bit, go somewhere else for lunch or take on a different method on training. Be creative!

2. Frustration and Negativity

Negative feelings and emotions flourish when we begin to burnout and often expedite that downward spiral. Don’t allow these emotions to fester; internally check yourself and find when you find these feelings, remove yourself from the stress and relax.

3. Not Taking Care of Yourself

Cutting corners while you’re getting ready in the morning or skipping a meal to keep working can only multiply the stress on your body. That extra 15 minutes of rest in the morning isn’t worth the disorganized rush to get out the door that can ruin the rest of your day. If you like you’re moving slow, drink a glass of water! That will give you a small boost to get you through your morning routine! Remember to maintain good hygiene; taking showers and brushing your teeth good for maintaining your health.

4. Slipping Performance

Cutting corners and not doing what is required will ultimately end up with you losing a few points or generating a poor product. To help alleviate this, look at your past performances and compare where you are to those. Taking this perspective will help clear details and give you aspects to work on.

5. Being at work… even when you’re not at the office

If you’re using mental energy mulling over issues at your job and you aren’t at work then your job is interfering with your ability to recover from the stresses of that environment. In order to recover from your day, you have to take relaxation seriously. That means adequate sleep, eating right, and disconnecting from the stressors.

There are a few tips on burnout. There are many strategies to figuring out what you can do to help yourself overcome it. Always keep one thing in mind though, your health should come first. DO the things necessary to keep yourself going and your performance will follow.

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Cover Image Credit: Eric Ward

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Are You Tired Of People Glorifying Anxiety Yet?

Anxiety is not fun and not something the greater community wants to joke about.

Stop glorifying anxiety.

“Anxiety queen,” “Anxiety since birth,” “High-anxiety,” “Low power mode,” “Oops, I’m sad again,” “2% girl 98% anxiety,” “Anxiety club.”

Okay, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of looking around and seeing disturbingly “cute” posters or phone cases, screensavers or stickers that glorify anxiety. I’m tired of the jokes that seem to be “relatable,” but are actually quite serious.

Stop glorifying anxiety.

To be able to be optimistic about mental illness is a great thing. It is important, more than anything. I am a huge believer in positive psychology, and if being humorous or comical is what is going to get you through your day, then more power to you. Do not get me wrong, I also try to make light about my anxiety here and there to my friends to try to get me through bad times.


I am working hard to overcome my anxiety in time and to ignore the triggers around me. For people like me, seeing these unsettling quotes makes our stomachs churn. On behalf of the people who suffer from anxiety, it is not fun, we are not proud of anxiety, and we do not want anxiety.

Stop glorifying anxiety.

I love a colorful background and funky font, but is it truly necessary to mock a human variation that can cripple lives? Stickers and phone cases are an advertisement for our personalities, and I can only imagine my fellow anxious humans do not want anxiety to label or define them.

Stop glorifying anxiety.

It reminds me of the popular "boy who cried wolf" story. If you joke about your disability, there is going to become a point in which people will not believe that it is as serious as it actually is. I am a strong advocate for opening up conversations about mental health.

I also believe that it is important to talk about your feelings rather than bottle them up, an act that took me years to realize. However, I do not think glorifying anxiety is the answer to anything.

So, stop glorifying anxiety.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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