5 Signs That You Grew Up In Small Town Iowa
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5 Signs That You Grew Up In Small Town Iowa

As a former resident of small town Iowa, I would have to say that nothing compares to being raised in this particular environment.

5 Signs That You Grew Up In Small Town Iowa
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Small town Iowa has given me more than I could ever have imagined. Growing up in this rural, tight-knit community brought me comfort as I learned who I was as a young person. The family-like atmosphere of a small town is indescribable and brings me so much joy when I'm able to come home.

Lists upon lists could be made to describe all the positives of living in a rural area in Iowa. However, I have compiled my list of attributes that impacted me the most when I grew up in my local, rural community.

As a former resident of small town Iowa, I would have to say that nothing compares to being raised in this particular environment.

1. Everyone knows you and your family

Basically, the residents of my hometown could probably tell me history involving my great, great, great grandfather and the rest of my family tree. Everyone genuinely desires to know more about you, your family, your friends, and your life in general.

2. If you are in need of assistance, (i.e. flat tire, car trouble, etc.) someone is always there to help

So many residents of the small town that I grew up in would love to assist me in any way possible—whether that was coming to support our local 4-H club, FFA chapter, or even athletic events. They were also so helpful when you were having any other type of dilemma as well. Our residents are always willing to help a neighbor out in any way possible.

3. Athletic events are always a community outing

Whether it was football, basketball, volleyball, track, or cross-country, I would always be able to see one community member cheering on our high school athletic team. They would be decked out in purple, silver, and teal, supporting our athletics teams while also traveling to our away games and competitions.

4. The local bar and grill was the place to go for a night out

Hale Tap was the place to be around my hometown area—and let me tell you this bar/grill was very unique. It is home to Iowa's largest tenderloin and some overall yummy food. You can always spot someone you know having a great time with their family and friends in our local restaurants. I love coming home from school and having the luxury of visiting my favorite small town eateries.

5. Everyone is a friendly face and someone to wave to when passing by

It seems like such a rural thing to wave to the opposing vehicle when crossing paths on the highway; however, when everybody knows everybody, you usually wave to all the vehicles coming your way. I think that this is not only a small town attribute, but also a Midwestern characteristic.

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