5 Room Aesthetics To Inspire Your New Living Space

I'm moving into my first apartment this fall, and I have completely fallen into a Pinterest hole. Constantly pinning everything from decor ideas to kitchen layouts, I have created boards that ignite my inspiration as I begin to fill my new space. I believe that a living environment has a true effect on your mentality and productivity. Although decorating a new space can be fun, it can be hard to know where to begin.

1. Cozy and creative. 

Pillows, blankets, and decorative rugs or tapestries turn small rooms into cozy spaces, ideal for relaxing after a long day of class and work, or as perfect places for hosting a get together with friends. To achieve this, go crazy with the comfort pieces, focus on warm tones and lighting, and fill your space with items that you find functional. Arrange the furniture in a way that creates multiple places to chill. Maybe toss some pillows in a corner and hang some string lights, or purchase a cozy reading chair. The best part about this room is that it will become a place you will look forward to come home to.

2. Minimalistic. 

A simplistic room is perfect for a person who doesn't own a ton of unnecessary junk. While you could just do all of your shopping at IKEA, it is important to maximize the space you have while still keeping it open and breathable instead of filling it with unneeded decorations. For this room, a white duvet is essential, as well as smart storage and simple decor.

3. Personalized and artsy. 

Personalizing your space, especially if you are sharing it with roommates, is the best way to make a new place feel like home. The best way to do this is to print out your favorite photos, collect cool art prints, and hang some polaroids on your walls. You can also decorate your room in a way that reveals your interests or expresses some part of you. The best part about personalization is that not everything has to match or make sense to everyone.

4. Green and airy. 

An easy way to bring color and life into a room is to decorate it with plants, especially when smaller rooms feel stuffy and dull. If you struggle to keep plants alive, there are many faux options. Opening up your living space can also let more air in as well as adding light fabrics and soft splashes of color. If you are lucky, your room may have a window where a ton of light can come in. Taking advantage of natural lighting and using it to bring life into your room will create a breathable, cool space.

5. Beachy and modern. 

If you constantly crave sunshine but are stuck in Washington weather, then you can bring all the "summer vibes" into your dorm room/apartment. Style your space with bright pastels and macrame, add some plants, seashells, and photos. You will create a fun little oasis to escape to when the weather turns cold.

A bare room has the potential to become a beautiful living space, decorated in a way that makes you feel at home and happy. You have the power to combine different aesthetics and turn it into one of your own. As decorating may seem intimidating, letting your creativity thrive in an empty space will turn it into a place where you can chill, study, host friends, and be yourself.

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