5 Reasons I Wish I Was a Dog

I was recently sitting on the couch, trying not to pull my hair out from stress of ordering books, arranging my classes, and coping with the thought of taking 19 credit hours and working 30+ hours a week when I looked up from my computer and noticed Sky, the world’s sweetest dog, laying in front of the fireplace, not a care in the world. At that point in my my 21 years of life, stress levels at an all time high I realized, I wish I was a dog.

Now there’s either two thoughts running through your head right now. A. Oh my gosh I am glad I am not the only one who wishes they were a dog. Or B. This lady is crazy and needs help. Before you jump to conclusion B let me give you a few reasons by being a dog wouldn’t be all that bad and that maybe in our second lives you will wish you were a dog too.

1. They don’t have to worry about money.

While I am over here scrounging for every penny to put some Ramen on the table, dogs just get to chill, eat dog food, and not have to consider alternative routes to make money when their bank account is at $1.42. CUZ THEY DON’T HAVE BANK ACCOUNTS.

2. They don’t have to pay bills.

Not only do dogs not have to pay bills but they don’t have to worry about how much water or electricity they use because they just get to live life in luxury and bask in front of fireplaces while humans pay for everything. I WANT THAT.

3. They don’t have to worry about fashion trends.

While all of us girls are spending every last paycheck on the latest pair of thigh high boots or new band tee from Urban Outfitters, dogs don’t have to worry about what they wear. They just look cute. ALL THE TIME.

4. They don’t have to worry about their weight.

Dogs are cute no matter if they are fat or skinny. Everyone still loves them. MUST BE NICE.

5. They are always loved.

In my life, I have never had a dog that wasn’t so loved I almost felt bad for it. Like it couldn’t even take a second to breathe cuz it was constantly being pet, cuddled, laid on, or squished. I don’t know if that is really the type of love I want but either way IT IS LOVE.

If I still haven’t convinced you that being a dog isn’t the greatest thing on Earth then I don’t know what is. So maybe, in my second life or when I come back to Earth, that is what I will be, the most carefree, happy, loved dog on the planet. Until then I will keep being a worried, stressed, but still happy and thankful college girl who lives vicariously through dogs.
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