The Harry Potter craze has died down in recent years, but true potterheads never forget and if there is one thing we care way too much about, it's our houses. Gryffindor is overhyped, Ravenclaw is very neutral, Hufflepuff is Hufflepuff (enough said), and Slytherin gets a really bed reputation. But I"m here to clear all this up and prove to you why Slytherin is truly the greatest house.

1. Slytherin's Color Scheme and Logo is Awesome:

Can we just take a second to appreciate how cool this is. Deep green. Illustrious Silver. The two go just perfectly together and to top it all off there's a snake. Can't get any more edgy than that.

2. Ambition:

People seem to forget about what our core tenements are. Believe it or not it isn't be evil or murder muggles. One of the core pillars that supports and defines a Slytherin is their ambition. Nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. Fate is truly in our hands.

3. Cunning:

When people hear cunning they automatically assume it is malicious and in some cases it can be, but not always. Cunning is being able to make the best of any situation through learning and applying this knowledge in the future to help obtain your goals.

4. Proficiency in Useful Spellcraft:

Spells of combat, trickery, and manipulation are our specialty. We will always have the upper hand in a duel and our cunning allows us to destroy any other wizard that dare challenge us. We are feared, and for good reason.

5. We don't follow the rules:

Other houses hold themselves back. Slytherins can acknowledge their true potential and will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. Rules were created to protect the weak and the truly strong will disregard these rules and take their place on the top.