5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Photographer

A lot of people don't recognize photographers enough for their work. However, most of the time this lack of credit is completely unintentional because so much of our world is run by images and media that people assume photography is something anyone can do. And while you wouldn't be wrong by stating anyone can click a button and capture an image, it'd be unfair and quite honestly wrong to say anyone can take a quality photograph.

Now I'm not a famous, well known or acclaimed photographer, but after 6 years of taking photography seriously and continuously learning and growing in the art to the point where I've created my own business, I would consider myself a professional photographer, and as I got some girls ready for a shoot as couple of days ago, I sat back and started to wonder, "what is it about being photographer that I love?"

1. I love the uniqueness of it.

Each photographer has his or her own unique sense of style. They have particular editing processes and favorite subjects. And as a photographer myself, I can create my own sense of style with my editing process and subjects.

2. I'm a huge fan of boosting self-esteem.

This is literally my favorite thing about photography. I'm always giving compliments when I see something I like or appreciate and when I'm posing say, a senior girl, it's no different. You'll catch me saying something like, "okay perfect, right there, your hair looks so good just like that", then I'll proceed to show her some of the pictures I've just taken, and the minute I see smiles and hear the words, "Aw, I like that one! I look cute!" my heart melts. Because she's right. She does look cute, and for her to recognize that and say that herself is the moment her self-confidence increases and I'm beyond happy to be a small factor of that.

3. I love defying odds.

You've all seen it - the Dove commercials portraying women running away from and hating cameras pointed at them. And if you haven't seen the commercials, then you've seen it in real life - your friends hate having cameras in their face and the phrase, "ew no I'm ugly. Delete that" is far too common. So when I can point a camera at a seemingly shy, maybe even awkward person and capture their candid, genuine, real personality and prove to them that they are just as built for the camera as anyone else, then I feel like I've accomplished something and once again, boosted self-esteem.

4. I'm nostalgic & I want to remember everything.

I'm all about details and the little things that take you back to another time. So naturally, I want to capture every eventful moment in my life and the lives of others so it can be remembered forever.

5. I'm all about the feels.

I'm also a completely sensitive person and I'm being reminded to "get out of my feels" all the time. But as a photographer, this isn't necessarily a bad thing because emotion is key to some of the best pictures a photographer can take.

When it comes down to it, I just love the personal connection photography gives to not only the photographer but those in the pictures as well. So many new relationships, conversations, and special moments have been shared solely because of photography in my life.

(You can find more personal work of mine like those shown above at either - Facebook: Megan's Photography or Instagram: @megans_photographyy_ )

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