NBC's This Is Us took primetime television by storm with its family dynamic and heartwarming nature. If that isn't enough to get you to watch it, here are some more reasons to get you hooked.

1. To relate to a show

This Is Us reminded me so much of my relationship with my parents and my sibling. Being able to relate to a show and know what they are feeling is enough to hook a person immediately. Get ready to get extremely attached to the characters in just the pilot.

2. To have a good cry

This show will leave you with tears, both happy and sad, streaming down your face. This Is Us is painfully heartwarming. If the episode titled Memphis doesn't leave you ugly crying, are you even human?

3. To learn forgiveness

A common motif in the back of almost every episode is forgiveness. You'll witness forgiveness of lies, abandonment, adultery and so much more. This show doesn't hold back.

4. To learn something about yourself, your life and your relationships

This Is Us will leave you texting your significant other to never drift apart or die. You'll want to hug your parents tighter, lover your sibling(s) harder and believe in yourself a little deeper.

5. To never underestimate the power of a television show ever again

This Is Us is much more than just a television show. It's life, love, family, friendship and loss all wrapped into one perfect series. The lessons you take away from each and every episode are only positive ones. William taught me to soak up every moment because one day you'll be old and they'll be harder to hold on to. Kate taught me to believe in myself, no matter how hard the climb is. Randall taught me to let love overcome anger. Kevin taught me to never give up and that I am worth more than some people might think. The list goes on and on.

If you haven't seen This Is Us, you are truly missing out on a masterpiece. Do yourself a favor and binge watch the first season. I promise you will not regret it.