5 Reasons To Watch Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita
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5 Reasons To Watch Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

5 Reason To Watch The Funniest Youtubers On The Internet

5 Reasons To Watch Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

There are few YouTubers that have me hooked at first glance, but Jenna Marbles did it. Through her videos, I started watching her boyfriend’s, Julien Solomita's vlogs. They both have something special to their videos and personalities that make me want to keep watching. Here are just some reasons why you should get yourselves hooked on their videos too:

1. They’re so funny

When I tell you that Jenna and Julien are hilarious, I mean they are hysterical. Julien is always pranking Jenna or one of their friends and Jenna’s humor is simply unique. She is witty and clever with her jokes, something I love in the comedy I watch. They’re both so funny that I laugh out loud every video I watch, which is something that doesn’t happen easily for me.

2. They’re genuine

Jenna and Julien never shy away from what is truly happening in their lives. They always keep everything real in their videos, especially in Julien’s vlogs. When they got in a car accident in 2016, they both made videos about it explaining what happened and that they are okay. They were both saying that if they weren’t wearing their seatbelts the accident could have ended a lot differently. They both weren’t driving (they were in a cab) but were still pushing the audience to wear their seatbelts and tell everyone that this accident could have happened to anyone. They always are real with their fans and that is something I truly love.

3. They love each other truly

Everyone these days are always saying that a certain couple is “relationship goals,” but Jenna and Julien are definitely among the couples that would fit under that label. They are always showing affection towards each other and laughing together. They are a team and are always on the same page when it comes to their life together. They support each other with their videos and even have created a podcast because their conversations together are so great. They love each other truly and I hope one day they decide to get married!

4. Their love for their fans

I was watching a P.O box opening video the other day, and it is so clear that they both love their fans so much. The fans send them packages and letters, which they always open. Julien even says they try to write back to all the fans who send them letters. They always tell the fans thank you for all the support, especially in trying times like when they were in the accident I mentioned before. They’re so humble and I truly love that about them.

5. Their dogs

Okay, so this isn’t exactly about them but they have pretty amazing dogs. Cermet, Marbles, and Peach are the cutest dogs on the planet. They have such unique personalities and are always a joy to watch on camera. They are also truly in love with their dogs and treat them so well. I can only aspire to one day have three dogs like that of my own to snuggle with.

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