After spending my entire life living in Franklin, TN with my parents and siblings, I found it quite difficult to move hundreds of miles away to attend college. Although there were many schools in Tennesse that I could have chosen from, I decided to venture out of state and start somewhere new. Along with moving to Mississippi for college, came many difficult nights and long phone calls home. But as the months and years went on, I now love Mississippi State more than ever, and I am so glad I chose to attend that university. With that said, sometimes I do still miss home and everything about it, along with my family as well. Each time I go home, I cherish it more and more and spend as much time there as I can. What follows are some of the never ending reasons in which I come home to visit Franklin.

1. Mom's Homecooked Meals

Yes, of course, this may be an obvious reason, but I really do mean it for what it's worth. Living out of a dorm this year has helped me to venture out and cook many things on my own. I have been able to recreate some of my mother's famous recipes, but no matter how hard I try, they never turn out as good as the way she makes it at home. Therefore, every time I return home, I try my best to ask her to cook my most favorite meals and savor them while I can.

2. My Beloved Puppy

Honestly, who doesn't go home to see their dog every chance they get?! She is one of the most cherished things I look forward to when I return home. She is usually waiting at the window for my, crying until I enter the house. She is then ecstatic to jump on me and give me kisses until her heart desires. Truly this is one of the best feelings in the world.

3. Local Favorite Restaurants

Of course, everyone has their favorite restaurants in which they go to when they come home from college. Whether that is eating alone, or with your family, you do as much as you can to make it out and enjoy your favorite meal at your favorite local joint.

4. Visiting With Family

Out of all of the reasons that I could give, this is probably one of the best or most important. My family means everything to me and I wouldn't trade them for the world. They give me some of the biggest smiles, loudest laughs and squeezable hugs. Each time I go home, they remind me how much I am loved and how proud they are of me which makes anyone feel good about what they're doing. I love them for everything they are, and everything they do for me, as well as the smiles in which they hold as they greet me at the door.

5. Reminder Of Where I Come From

Although I do go to school in Missippi, I do always remember where I come from, and how I was raised. Coming back every once in a while is good for the soul, and reminds me of how I grew up and how I was raised. I have heard from many to not forget where you come from, and eremember who you are, which is what I intend to do.