5 Reasons To Take A Break From Your Cell Phone

5 Reasons To Take A Break From Your Cell Phone

So take a chance, put down the phone, and see what it can change for you.

While the technology that fills the world is great and has so many benefits, there is also a time when it gets to be too much. There are times when we are almost too dependent on our cell phones and it would benefit us more to set them aside for just a little while; sometimes you just need a break and I'll tell you five reasons why.

1. You get a break from social media.

While social media is a great way to stay in touch with what your family and friends are doing and to keep up to date with what is going on throughout the world, there comes a time when it can also become too much. It’s almost like there is a stress that comes along with social media; how many favorites you get on a tweet or likes on a photo seem to start to define who you are on that network. Sometimes it becomes too crazy and a break from all of that can do good and you don’t have to worry if you’re getting enough likes on your status.

2. Time to yourself

I’m not saying that when you have your phone you don’t get time to yourself because you very well could, however it gives you more time to focus on you. When you have your phone there are so many things right at your fingertips, social media, texting, candy crush, pokemon go, or whatever app may catch your interest, letting go of that, just for a little while, allows you to focus on you. You’re allowed some time to yourself where you can just focus on your needs and wants and not be distracted by the technological world.

3. You find time for other things

Taking a step back from your cell phone can give you a chance to find time for other things as well. The time you would normally be scrolling through twitter or taking the perfect picture for instagram, would now be free for you to do anything you want. You may find yourself sitting around with nothing to do since you don’t have a phone there to distract you with all of it’s endless possibilities, that empty spot could make you realize that you could read that book you’ve picked up many times and was distracted from, or even just clean your room. Even though you have all of these opportunities while you have your phone, it’s easy to get distracted when you could be doing so many other things online.

4. You see what you're missing

Sometimes it is possible to get so absorbed by your cell phone that you don’t notice certain things that are going on around you. When you put your phone down and go for a walk you could notice all the little things that are passed over every day. It gives you an opportunity to really study what goes on and maybe gain some appreciation for all the little things.

5. Disconnection leads to connection

Finally, and this may be my favorite one, disconnecting from your phone opens up the chance for real connection. Although you may have great connection over the phone with the chance to message a friend, send them a picture, or even facetime them within a minute, the conversations can only go so far over your mobile devices. When you let your phone sit whether for just a few minutes or to take a break from it to eat a meal, it offers face to face communication. When you’re attached to the phone it may close those doors, something on your phone may seem more interesting that having a conversation in person but when you put it down and spend quality time with a person, relationships begin to grow much stronger, the time together more valuable and it’s pretty great.

It’s no lie that cell phones are a great thing. Having the ability to pick it up and message a friend who you haven’t heard from in a while, or call a family member in another state is an amazing gift to have, however it can also get to the point where enough is enough and it could take away from the quality of life. So take a chance, put down the phone, and see what it can change for you.

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2019 Is the Year That We Need Switch Back To Flip Phones

Or at least a much more interpersonal, simpler time.


I really do miss flip phones. This was the time when you could dramatically hang up on someone, the internet on your phone was a luxury you had to pay for, and most importantly, phones were just that... phones.

Smartphones are great though, they've allowed us to have portable navigation, address books, photo albums, games, etc. More importantly, they've changed us. We are a new generation of people, with new fears, behaviors and social norms.

Smartphones have encouraged us to multi-task, but clearly, we've become a bit addicted. We feel the need to constantly be doing something, or going somewhere. We are always making sure that everyone else knows this too, whether it's via Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. But why are we so worried about our image?

We all want people to see us our best selves all the time, so much so that we are constantly taking time to maintain our online reputation. I think we've become so caught up in preserving our "image" and ensuring that it looks like we're having fun, instead of actually having fun. Our addiction to technology has changed our behaviors and social norms drastically. Technology has changed us so much that there's now a term for the fear that you're missing out, or "FOMO."

This fear is caused by our constant need to check social media and know what everyone else is doing, so we've brought this upon ourselves, really. What we don't realize though, is that it's perfectly okay to miss out sometimes. It's okay to not be invited to anything and everything. I promise you, it's okay to spend time alone and doing something for yourself instead of being surrounded by the masses.

I don't understand why it's considered weird to eat by yourself or spend time alone in general. There's no harm in rejecting a few invites to spend time with the person you should get to know most, yourself. I think we neglect self-care and taking time to decompress because of this severe "FOMO." We're afraid that if we spend even just a few hours alone, we'll miss out on EVERYTHING, and then everyone will know that we were alone.

Taking time for yourself is more important than we realize. Even just a few minutes before bed (without your phone) can be beneficial. We've become so busy in our daily lives that there's hardly a chance to reflect on your day, your goals, your mistakes, and triumphs - all the things which you should consider. Our addiction/abuse of technology has become laughable. We're obsessed with the idea of being with each other all the time. The whole concept is ridiculous. We're so obsessed with letting people know that we're with someone, that we aren't actually present in the moment.

I think Alexander Graham Bell would laugh at how much we've let this small device control our lives. We don't have to take our phones everywhere. Before cell phones, people would actually just take time to organize their thoughts, or actually be present with another person. If we can take the small step to put our phones down, refrain from the urge to post something online every day, and be more present in our daily lives. We can revert back to a society that uses phones as what they are, simply a tool.

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