Whenever I feel myself getting stressed out or overwhelmed, I like to take myself on a date. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, usually, it is just a day for me to take my time getting ready, wear my favorite outfit, and treat myself to something.

At first, taking yourself out on a date may seem a little weird, but bear with me and I am sure to change your mind.

1. You can visit somewhere you've always wanted to go!

Hannah Ruth Pond

If there is a coffee shop or store that you have been eyeing for a while, go! Enjoy a new experience and treat yourself to finally trying them out. I usually find myself sitting down and getting coffee at all the little shops around town or trying locally owned bookstores! You don't always have to go somewhere you've never been, old favorites are sometimes the best place to have some "me" time.

2. Alone time is so important.

Hannah Ruth Pond

Constantly having something to do can be fun and exciting, but it is easy to lose track of yourself. Taking time at the end of a busy week to debrief and be alone can be beneficial to you and allow yourself to reflect on yourself and your goals. Look back on the highs and lows of the week and plan ahead for the next! This can be done in a variety of ways and as simple as taking some time to write in a journal. Taking yourself on a date is one way to give yourself alone time and show some love for yourself. Give yourself grace for mistakes that were made and move forward!

3. It can build your self confidence!

Hannah Ruth Pond

When I first started going places alone, I was nervous and felt somewhat awkward, but I soon realized it was because alone time is so undervalued in our culture. Now, I hold my head so much higher knowing that I am doing something that I know is good for me personally. This newfound sense of confidence can stretch into an eagerness for life and the ability to try new things. Taking time to explore yourself will lead you to new interests you may not have ever thought of before.

4. It can lead you to new places and people!

Hannah Ruth Pond

Depending on how often you decide to do this, you may find yourself discovering new things about yourself. Maybe it is a new type of music you had never paid attention to or an activity you never imagined you would enjoy. When you take yourself on these dates you will find that you are doing things that ultimately bring you joy and are exactly what you want to do without the pressure of others' opinions. Instead of offering the aux cord, you can listen to a guilty pleasure album or new artist you've been wanting to try out without fear of judgment. Discover who you are and what you truly love.

My time alone has shown me who I authentically am. Take what you find and pursue friendships that foster them! Go up and talk to the barista that is always there. You never know what you might find.

5. Sometimes, it is the best kind of self-care!

Hannah Ruth Pond

Showing appreciation to yourself is so important in the hustle and bustle of today's society. Take some time to practice this self-love and discover more things about yourself. I find myself feeling so refreshed and genuinely happy after I spend time with myself. There is no pressure, and everything you're doing is for yourself. Allowing yourself to have this time can be absolutely invaluable. You may discover beautiful things about yourself you never knew before. Debrief, and give yourself what you need.

Whether it is a new fro-yo place or an old book store, treat yourself to some alone time. You deserve it. You shouldn't have to wait around on someone else to take you. Put on those shoes that make you feel on top of the world and walk out of the door.