5 Reasons Ravers Make The World A Better Place

5 Reasons Ravers Make The World A Better Place

There is no I, or you, or me, there is only we, us, and ours.

We all know at least one friend who attends electric music festivals or a raves. Some of us do not show our inner raver all the time, others show it every day. Regardless of our personalities, ravers have at least one thing in common, the ability to embrace and accept one another in a judgement-free zone for a few days. The people you meet in “Those few days” in my opinion, 95% of the time turn into friendships that last a lifetime. Some people think raves are a waste of money or time, yet ravers cannot wait until day one of ticket sales for their favorite rave. In my opinion, these are 5 reasons ravers are just so awesome.

  • 1.We ARE A FAMILY. There is no I, or you, or me, there is only we, us, and ours. A family of individuals that celebrate their lives, their similarities, and their love for the music create a place that is indescribable. We jump up and around, we wave our hands up and down, we dance and sing until we run out of breath, and we wait until the last minute to use the restroom because we do not want to lose our spot in the crowd. We take pictures of random people because their costume is great, or their dancing is cool, and we take videos of the stage, to create memories that we can relive again and again until 365 days later.
  • 2.We are fun to be around. This is probably the biggest fear of a person considering to go to a rave, but in reality, it is what makes raves so great. I know my first time at a rave I thought, “What if people look at me funny, what if I do not know the songs? What if I do not have fun?” I figured out within minutes of entering the venue that most of the people that go to raves do not know all of the music being played, but they know how to make the best of it by being with people who feel the same way and can appreciate the beat and life of the music, first timers or not. We do not judge, we come from all corners of the world, big or small, we a fun for all.
  • 3.Costumes. They come in all forms, all designs, and all types of creativeness. From flags showing the logo “Insomniac” swaying in the crowd to gloves that light up and strobe. Each raver has their own style of costume, their own style of creativity, and their own style of color. Kandi is exchanged in the signs of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect towards one another. Kandi is a way of showing that no matter who we are, we are all a family.
  • 4.Friends that rave together, stay together. Have you ever been dragged somewhere by a friend to a place you initially would never go alone? I’m sure all of us have. However, when a friend brings you to a rave, they do it because they want you to experience the life, the love, and the craziness that all of us ravers get to enjoy and be a part of every time we dress up for the rave. You meet people who you would never have even seen in your own town because we come from all over. They become your friends, and by the end of the night, your family and support.
  • 5.The Shuffle. Without doubt, the most common form of dancing in rave life. It is branched off of the “Melbourne Shuffle” club dance that originated in the late 80s in Melbourne, Australia. The rapid heel-toe step that is most commonly associated with electric music, and it should be. Some of us have seen it in the music video for the song “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, but I feel that to get the most meaning out of the dance, you need to see it. Ravers all over the world love to watch and show off their shuffling skills in YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and snapchat stories, as well as all over the internet. It is the feeling you get out of learning to shuffle to dance music that makes it so great.

I am sure there are more than just 5 reasons that make ravers so awesome, the fact we consider each other family even though we may never see each other for a year, or the fact we dress up in funky costumes are just some of the many reasons ravers make the world a better place.

Cover Image Credit: Jason Ringle

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I'm Not Any More Boring Because I'm A College Girl Who Doesn't Party

College girl doesn't always equal party girl.


Starting my first year of college this semester has been filled with seeing people on social media at parties almost, from what it feels like, every weekend. If this is the lifestyle you want to live, go for it, I'm NOT judging you at any costs. Don't get me wrong, it's always good to go out and have fun every once in a while, and I'm totally okay with doing it sometimes but going out every weekend to party is just not for me. It's never been how I've wanted to be, and I'll always stand by that.

I just don't want to be spending my money on things drinks all the time when I have other priorities, because alcohol, for the most part, is expensive. I just don't want to be the one that has partying be the biggest aspect of my life, but I also feel like I don't want to be the one that is going to be alone if I don't go.

It just gets aggravating when it gets to the point where I feel like I can't hang out with people unless it's going out to party. It gets aggravating when you're labeled by the adults in your life that you're automatically immature because you're in college. It gets aggravating hearing the thoughts to some adults when all they say is that all we do is "like to party", because there's actually a good chunk of us that don't like to.

College students are actually some of the hardest working people you'll meet, even the ones that do always go out to party to enjoy their weekends.

It gets aggravating because there's also that other big chunk of college students that, of course, go out to party on their weekends. It feels harder to actually find people that genuinely would like to go do something else with. I'm the type of person that would rather spend a Friday night doing things like going to the mall, taking random Target trips, heading out to Taco Bell, going driving to any random new places that we could find, going for a walk, and even if it's something like casually smoking a joint at your house as we watch a movie.

Anything other than just going over a persons house to get black out drunk all the time, because most of the time as well, it's really dangerous late at night in those situations. I just enjoy that type of change of always trying different things.

Like I said, of course it's OKAY to have fun and go out, go for it, but that type of life is genuinely not for me and it's not how I am. It just sucks when I have to always feel like I'm in that stereotype. It makes me feel like I don't work hard enough and that I always go slack off, which isn't the case whatsoever. It's just how I feel personally and it sucks that I have to feel like that in 2018, with how diverse each person is compared to one another. For me, I just look at it as, why go out and risk something happening when you can just stay home, relax, and just watch some House Hunters or something?

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