5 Reasons Why I'd Like To Thank President Trump

5 Reasons Why I'd Like To Thank President Trump

Guess there's a silver-lining after all!

No, you didn't read the headline wrong, this is a thank you article to President Trump. If there's one thing I'll be able to thank him for, it's how the horror of his presidency has forced me to grow up and stay politically aware. Most can agree that 2017 has been a shit shown, and a lot of that we can thank Trump for, but we've come out of this year less naive and prepared for the worse to come.

1.The World Doesn’t Change When You Do.

As I grew older I became less naive about the world surrounding me. My twitter feed was less meme’s and more new’s headlines. My conversations were less gossip and more about social issues. My thoughts were less about that cute boy down the street, and more about politics. When Donald Trump became president it filled up every conversation in the room. Not just because he is a “spoiled reality star gone presidential,” but because of the fear and anger people felt towards him. The thought of someone as sexist, homophobic, and racist as Donald Trump becoming president seemed far-fetched. After all, it’s 2017, how could we let how far we’ve come slip away at the hands of a bigot like Trump? Well, clearly I was wrong. Just because I wouldn’t let how far we’ve come slip away at the hands of Trump, doesn’t mean other people won’t. There are people out there with opposing views and beliefs than you and that’s ok. The most important thing is that you know where you stand- which leads me to my next reason…

2. Know Where You Stand.

I never took the time to educate myself on what a Democrat or a Republican truly meant. All I knew was that my family was Democrat, so by default I thought I was too. Trump’s presidency pushed me to educate myself politically and officially choose where I stand on my own- Republican or Democrat (or even green party). I can proudly and confidently say that I am a Democrat, not by default, but by choice. Being democratic doesn’t mean that I bash every Republican within a five-mile radius or 100% disagree with all Republicans. It’s important to not only know where you stand but respect where others stand as well.

3. Don’t Take Your Vote For Granted.

Being young is not an excuse not to vote. The things happening in politics today will be the things to affect us 20 years from now. You shouldn’t put the fate of your future in anyone's hands but your own. I remember weeks before the election friends would “jokingly” saying, “I’m going to vote for Trump because my vote won’t actually matter. There’s no way they’ll actually let him into office” or “I’m not going to actually vote for anyone because it doesn’t affect me, so I’ll just do green party”. Those votes that weren’t taken seriously are the votes that put us in the position we are in right now- a trainwreck administration.

4. You Can’t Opt Out Of Being Political.

Politics is involved in every aspect of our lives whether you realize it or not; from the clothing you wear, the food you eat, and the social media you go on. Everything we consume- information, food, energy, and clothing- costs money. These things ultimately boil down to production, distribution, and consumptions of goods and services- aka economics. Your parents may be supporting you now, but there will come a time when these choices will fall on you. Every tax plan and bill made will affect you, and your choice to opt out of politics won't make it any less likely. Now I choose to stay informed and up-to-date with politics for I know how the trump administrations choices will affect me.

5. You Don’t Realize What You Have Till It’s Gone.

Thanks to twitter I constantly see the highlight moments of why Barack Obama was a great president and why we miss him so much. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay politics any mind during Obama’s presidency. I wasn’t aware of how important and comforting it was to have someone like himself in office. Thanks to Trump, I’ve grown to appreciate the past presidents we’ve had and given credit where it’s due.

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As A Victim Of Sexual Abuse, Painting '#MeToo' On A WWII Statue Is Taking The Movement TOO Far

There is a line you should never cross and that is it.


The famous picture of the sailor kissing a woman was taken right on V-J Day, when Japan surrendered to the U.S. in World War II. For decades it was seen as a representation of how excited and relieved everyone was at the end of the war.

The picture touched the hearts of thousands as you could feel the overwhelming amounts of joy that came from the snap of the camera. While the woman in the picture died back in 2016 due to a struggle with pneumonia, the sailor just recently died on Feb. 17, 2019 at the age of 95.

Most people saw it as both a heartbreak and heartwarming that the couple that was once photographed were now together.

Other people saw differently.

There is a statue made of the picture that resides in Sarasota, Florida. Police found early Tuesday morning of Feb. 19, two days after the sailor's death, that someone had spray-painted #MeToo on the statue's leg in bright red.

As a woman, I strongly encourage those who have been sexually assaulted/abused in any way shape or form, to voice themselves in the best way they can. To have the opportunity to voice what they went through without being afraid. As a woman who has also been a victim of sexual assault and has been quiet for many years...

This act of vandalism makes me sick.

While the woman that was kissed by the sailor was purely kissed on impulse, she had stated in an interview with 'The New York Times' that, "It wasn't a romantic event. It was just an event of 'thank God the war is over.'"

People were celebrating and, as a sailor, that man was so over the moon about the war being over that he found the nearest woman to celebrate with.

While I don't condone that situation, I understand both the reason behind it as well as the meaning behind the photo. I understand that, while it wasn't an intended kiss, it was a way of showcasing relief. To stick #MeToo on a statue of a representation of freedom is not the right way to bring awareness of sexual abuse.

It gives those the wrong idea of why the #MeToo movement was started. It started as a way for victims of sexual abuse to share their stories. To share with the world that they are not alone.

It helped me realize I wasn't alone.

But the movement, soon after it started, became a fad that turned wrong. People were using it in the wrong context and started using it negatively instead of as an outlet for women and men to share their horrific experiences of sexual assault.

That statue has been up for years. To wait until the sailor passed away was not only rude but entirely disrespectful. The family of that sailor is currently in mourning. On top of it, it's taking away from the meaning behind the photo/statue. World War II was one of the darkest, scariest events in — not just our American history — but the world's as well.

Sexual abuse is a touchy matter, I encourage everyone to stand up for what's right. But to vandalize a statue of one of the most relieving days in America's history is an act that was unnecessary and doesn't get the point of #MeToo across in the way it should. If anything, it's giving people a reason not to listen. To protest and bring attention to something, you want to gather the right attention.

This was not gathering the right attention.

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It's Okay To Have Different Political Opinions Than Me, Just Don't Be Rude

When it comes to politics, people have become rude and even become bullies on social media, how far is to far.


When it comes to politics, everyone has their views and opinions on it. But in the last couple of years more and more people have become very opinionated with their views and most of the time it comes off very rude and condescending. You can see that in the most recent election.

When it comes to the President and the rest of the Government people have a lot to say, and they don't care where they say it, but most of the time they post everything on social media. And it can be just one person posting something that they believe in, and that post will get so many hate comments because of one person's views.

My views on politics have been criticized, I can care less what people say about me or my views, but people can be very rude if you don't believe what they do, or share the same opinions.

I don't like to share my opinions that much on social media because I know I would get so many comments, and I just don't need on the rude and negative comments in my life.

But so many people get their thoughts and opinions out on social media because they know they will get a reaction every almost everyone. In the political climate we are in now and all the outrage over every little thing, everyone will have a comment about something.

Just within this election with President Trump, and Congress, and all the headlines all over the internet, just reading some of the comments, they are not just rude, they are hateful comments. Telling people that they should die or go kill themselves just because they believe or their opinions are different than theirs.

Its one thing to tells someone that they disagree with their views, but to tell them they hope they and their family die just because you don't like their views on politics is going way too far. The media makes it worse because they will post headlines that put the President in a bad light, or misuse what he said.

How far is too far when it comes to commenting or even trying to have a conversation with someone on politics. I remember before Obama was in office that, people would criticize President Bush on his policies but you didn't see the outrage we see now.

People compare the MAGA hat to the KKK hood, every time I see someone wearing a MAGA hat on my social media page, I have to look at the comments, and when reading them, there are a lot of people saying this person is a racist, is an idiot and he/she should just die.

Just because someone wears something that they are proud of doesn't mean they are racist in any way, The kid who wore the hat and smiled at the native American didn't do anything wrong, but people were sending him death threats and calling him a racist. People have their views all screwed up and that goes for both sides, two rights don't make a wrong,

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