5 Reasons People Reject Christ
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5 Reasons People Reject Christ

And the truth behind these misconceptions.

5 Reasons People Reject Christ

There are thousands of Christians in various countries and places throughout this world. So many have had lives changed and have seen the overwhelming love of God.

But that doesn't mean this entire world we live in is full of Christ and Christianity. Turn on the news and you will see a society filled with hatred, anger, and destruction. What would make these despairing lands better places? This can only be answered with one word: Jesus. However, for the message of Christ to reach every heart fully, we must first know why others reject Him.

Here are the top five reasons people reject Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him:

5. Most people believe they can handle life on their own, without God.

I mean, they've made it this far, what could they possibly need God for? This very thought is straight from Satan in his attempts to sway us away from God. The truth is, you may be able to live decently on your own...but is it really "on your own"? If God created you, He created your world, He mapped out what would happen in your life, and He even knows everything you will do in life, are you really living on your own? God is a loving Father....and a loving father would do everything possible to protect his child, even if he had to do it without the child knowing. God does just this. He loves us, protects us, and makes ways for us even when we reject Him.

Just because you reject the love of the Father, does not mean He rejects loving you.

4. Many believe that a relationship with God will only end their "fun" in life.

Because I mean, what could Jesus know about fun, right? Living a life with a relationship with Jesus is the most joy-filled, fun adventure you could ever have; the only difference is Jesus's fun is not in sin- it's not in drinking, making fun of people, rebellion, or anything of the sorts. Jesus's fun is about finding the beauty in life and creating so many strong friendships and relationships with others where you can laugh together, cry together, and rejoice together.

Life with Jesus is an amazing adventure like no other.

3. After experiencing pain or tragedy, many question God's love or His very existence.

We've all been there- your world falls apart, your heart breaks, you experience great loss- and there is the place where any previous belief or faith in God is often questioned or even thrown out the window completely. But God is there. He is in control of all things. He knew what you would go through before you were even created. He will never use these painful events to punish you, but only to help build you into the person you were created to be. God loves us and He wants us to be the best people we can be, and sometimes that takes hard things to help make us that way.

He is there and He still loves you. He's only helping you become the person you have always been created to be.

2. Many struggle to believe what they cannot see.

It's no secret that it's easier to believe things which may be seen for our own eyes rather than things you just have to trust. But that's what faith is all about: trusting and believing even when we cannot see. God calls us to be faithful; however, He makes it easier for us daily. Glimpses of God may be seen daily through the work of His hand in our world- whether it's through beautifully painted sunrises, rainbows stretched across the sky after an afternoon rainstorm, the vastness of the ocean, or the hand-carved mountains. God can be seen not only all throughout nature, but also all throughout our lives. The beauty in a growing Christian from their old life to this new living is a mirror to all that God is because when we accept God, we receive Him in our hearts. He begins to fill us with the joy, hope, peace, patience, and love which He has.

God can be seen, you just have to open your eyes and look.

1. Most believe God cannot forgive them because of their past.

"I'm just too far gone" has become such a common saying among nonbelievers today, yet it is never once mentioned in the Bible. Jesus even forgave Judas and the very men who mocked Him and hung Him on the cross when He said, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." If Jesus can forgive the very people who hung him on the cross, He can easily forgive you. The truth is, Jesus's blood washes your heart clean as soon as you accept Him. You become blameless in God's eyes. Not only does God forgive all that you've done, but He never even thinks about it. He sees you as you are now- holy and faultless in His sight. There is no such thing as "too far gone" because God's immense love stretches all distances like outstretched arms of a father waiting on his child to run in so he can embrace them. You are never too broken, too sinful, too evil, too unworthy, or any of those sorts of things.

God wants you as you are, and He will forgive you and begin molding you into the person He knows you can be. You just have to trust Him.

Now that you know the barriers and truths of these five reasons of rejection, you can learn how to combat them. Be loving, be bold, and be unafraid to speak the truth to all you come in contact with. After all, even if they reject it, you have planted the seed for faith to grow from.

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