5 Reasons Why We Love Coffee & Coffee Shops

Sure that kick of caffeine can get us through the day, but there’s more to a cup of coffee than that.

1. You're Invincible

If the first sip you take from your cup of coffee in the morning, in the afternoon…. or at night doesn’t make you feel like you can’t completely rock the heck out of anything, then go and order yourself something different. The first sip of heaven (aka. coffee) should be nothing less than that extra kick you need to start whatever task you have set out in front of you.

2. Artful

You’re probably lying if you said you haven’t taken a picture of the perfect cup of coffee you once ordered. Coffee and coffee shops have become a sense of art. Art for coffee comes in the way gooey caramel runs down the side of your cup, the way the windows of the coffee shop catches the perfect rays of sunlight, the sprinkles placed perfectly on top of extra cream. The little things are all a part of the art that makes you feel whole and happy. It's art by transforming your perspective into believing not everything is a complete mess in your busy life, while enjoying an ice cold or steaming cup of coffee. So yea, post to Instagram, VSCO, Facebook let us see that perfect cup of coffee that promised you a better day after drinking it.

3. Magical

Finding the perfect little coffee shop is the one place that homework just might actually get done, and that is magic. Going with friends or going alone, whatever the occasion it seems as if the atmosphere of a local coffee shop is exactly what you needed at that very second. Go to coffee shops for: work, to hang out with friends, to talk, to think, to color, to drink an abundance of coffee, to read, to write, to observe. Sit and admire the beauty of what coffee shops have to offer because if all else fails it’s the one place that smells like a mixture of peppermint mocha and vanilla latte, as well as dozens of other flavors to make the perfect aroma to relax in.

4. You're Content

“I shouldn’t have ordered that” or “I really did not need to buy those” are all OK things to say. Although, you never really hear, “I shouldn’t have bought that cup of coffee” because your content spending money on the right things, and there is no regret involved when it comes to the content feeling you get knowing the money you spent on coffee is going to a great cause, your mental health.

5. & Saddening

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” – Winnie the Pooh. Let that fitting quote settle in when you’re getting to the last sips of coffee, or the last minutes of sitting in the coffee shop. In those moments reality comes back to hit you with responsibilities and deadlines that seemed to disappear while drinking that cup of coffee, or sitting in the perfect little corner booth of the shop. But just remember, with every goodbye comes the ability to say hello to another new favorite coffee drink or corner coffee shop.

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