5 Reasons Why I Dislike Summer

Most of my friends and family really love summer. I am not a part of that group. It is not that I hate summer, I'd just rather it be fall or winter. Of course there are many things you can do in Summer that is not an option during the fall and winter, but it also goes the same way for any other season. Because summer is a beloved season for some, here is a list of why I dislike summer:

1. The Heat

I hate being hot. I am always hot as it is, even in the fall and winter. I don't like feeling even hotter than normal. Plus, I live in Tennessee, so I not only have to deal with the heat, but also the humidity. It makes me feel super gross and I feel like I need to shower after I've only been outside for 10 minutes.

2. Makeup Mishaps

I like wearing a full face of makeup sometimes, but in summer that is awfully hard to do. It is not that my makeup gets ruined because of the heat. I use setting powder, so if I do decide to wear makeup, it makes me feel super hot and disgusting. I wore makeup out to a 4th of July event and I was continuously blotting my face to make sure my sweat wasn't dripping everywhere. The makeup makes it feel even hotter outside than it actually is. I was so happy to finally go home and let my face feel the cool air conditioning after I washed my face.

3. Hair

I have naturally curly, frizzy hair. I love my hair, but I also hate my hair (oh, the woes of being a female). If my hair is naturally frizzy, you can imagine what happens when the humidity gets to it. I have huge hair in the summer (Dolly Parton may disagree with me on it being a bad thing).The volume of my hair isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's the problem that I cannot control my frizz. I put product in my hair for this reason and sometimes it still does not help.

4. What is Tanning?

I have semi-fair skin, which makes summer a hard time for me. I do not tan, but burn. If I want to sit outside for a long time in the sun, I must remember to wear sunscreen or I will resemble a lobster in no time. This summer I have hardly been outside for long periods of time, so I haven't burned...yet. This sounds great, right? The problem is that now that I'm not burning, I'm also not tanning, so I am extremely pale. I would love to be able to bronze it up in the Summer, but it's not in the cards for me.

5. The Smell

I hope most of you are smart and wear deodorant and shower in the summer, but there are some who have yet to get the memo. Sometimes it is hard to avoid, especially if you are hanging in a crowded area outside or in a place with no air conditioning. I completely understand that sometimes you are so hot that the deodorant just can't uphold for so long, before it gets that old deodorant smell. I just wish people would realize that because it is so hot in the summer, that taking showers and maintaining your hygiene is vital and honestly just a nice thing to do for the sake of the people around you.

I know this may seem like I am just complaining, but I do like some aspects of summer: swimming, the smell of sunscreen, the way my hair gets lighter, and the possibility of adventure. With that being said, I just prefer fall or winter over summer. Tell me why you like or dislike summer in the comments below! If summer is your favorite season, tell me why.

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