Summer is the best time of the year. Most everyone goes home for summer and gets a summer job. There may not be much to do, but a good time is always had- and here are a few reasons why.

1. All your old friends are back home for the summer.

A lot of people want to stay at school for the summer and take summer classes to avoid going home, but most Delta people prefer to spend their summer at home. If they have to take a summer class, most of them go right down the road to "Harvard on the Highway" - also known as the local community college. Every Thursday, everyone starts to get their weekend plans together. Something fun happens every weekend, even if it is just sitting around watching movies at someone's house. As long as everyone is together, everyone is satisfied.

2. Every weekend is a water weekend.

What's the best way to cool off after working all week? Find some water, of course! It doesn't get much better than cruising on a boat to the river with your hometown friends to go to the sandbar and hang out with everyone else from the delta. Some people also like to spend Saturday's by the pool, and sometimes my friends even make a slip and slide out of polly pipe. Regardless of what you do on the weekends, there is a great chance that there is some water involved.

3. You get to sleep in your own bed.

Most of the guys work on the farm, and most of the girls either babysit or have a small summer job. Getting to go home after work and eat your mom's food, have mom do your laundry, and sleep in your real bed is next to perfect. Sure, I have a bed at my apartment, but I love getting to sleep in my own bed at my real home.

4. Family Vacation!

Okay, so not everyone does this, but my family does. Every summer we go somewhere. Most of the time our trip is to the beach, but we also go to family reunions. It doesn't matter where we go, it is so nice to have your parents pay for all your meals, your place to stay, and maybe even buy you some new things before school starts back. You even get to spend a little time with the fam- which isn't so bad.

5. Every summer is somehow better than the last.

Summer is already the best time of the year. The weather is sunny, and a good time is always had. Every summer seems so fun that you think the next can't possibly beat it. School rolls around and the school year flies by, then it's time to try and top the summer before.