5 Reasons Dads Are The Best
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5 Reasons Dads Are The Best

Dad jokes and all, they are pretty great.

5 Reasons Dads Are The Best
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With it being Father's Day and all, I thought it was appropriate to share why dads are the best sometimes. Major props to all those dads out there doing their thing with white socks pulled up to mid-calf and grilling some burgers, or perhaps the dads who are enjoying a luxurious day of shopping and pampering - we love all kinds of dads.

Here is a short list of exactly why dads are literally the best...

1. Dad Jokes

Of course the natural response to any dad joke is "Oh my God, that was horrible" followed by an award-winning eye roll (especially if you've heard "Hi hungry, I'm dad"). But in all reality, I got all of my humor from my dad, and I'm sure a lot of you have as well. No matter what the situation, and whether the situation calls for a joke or not, dad is always there to break the awkward silence or maybe make things awkward with a poorly timed joke. But after the fact, when you look back on the situation and think about all the silly things dad has said or done, they are sure to bring a smile to your face.

2. They put it DOWN on the grill.

If you have a dad that can cook, owns a grill, and uses it - you have a blessing from above. There is nothing quite like watching a father use his grill knowledge to whip up a fantastic dinner. In fact, a grilling dad is so highly sought after, that people have advertised on Craigslist for a "father figure to come over and grill for parties". Enough said.

3. They will put up with (almost) anything.

Have you ever painted your dad's nails or toes? You may not remember it, but you probably have and somewhere in the basement or the attic - there is photographic evidence of this and all you have to do is ask your mother/father where it is. Dad will put up with almost anything if it makes their children happy- from painting nails, being a horsey for an absurd amount of playtime, dressing up as a fairy godmother, or playing cowboys. Dads oftentimes have the best imagination, and will play whatever game their children come up with, no matter how confusing it is.

4. Dad's social media inadequacy

Nothing is funnier on the internet than watching people (particularly our parents) mess up. Or that look dad has when he tries to look at something on his phone, you know, when he pushes it farther away, slightly tilts his head back, and looks at the phone screen through barely opened eyes like he needs glasses but won't admit it. Sorry to say it, but unless your father(s) is/are tech savvy, no amount of explanation will ever help them master the iPhone. Just hand them the TV remote and let them be.

5. Dad Versatility

This is hands down the all time best dad quality. For all of you out there who will be celebrating today without your father, no matter the circumstances, I am so incredibly sorry. Nothing can replace the relationship between you and your father, but to make things better, I can offer you my dad. Once a dad, always a dad. Dads literally love to be dads, they will share endless knowledge, love, and acceptance to anyone who wants it in the most loving dad-like way. It doesn't matter if you are their child or not, they just want to help and be there for you. A friend's dad or a grandfather or uncle can be one of the most valuable resources for young people, so use them wisely.

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