5 Reaons Why I Can't Stop Playing Overwatch
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5 Reaons Why I Can't Stop Playing Overwatch

Here are a few reasons why Blizzard's newest hit has me glued to my controller.

5 Reaons Why I Can't Stop Playing Overwatch

Although they have had some faux pas along the way, there’s no denying that Blizzard Entertainment knows how to make a good game. "World of Warcraft" is the most played MMO of all time, the Starcraft series is one of the most successful real-time strategy franchise ever, and the Diablo series is a staple among dungeon crawling role playing games. So it’s not a surprise, that the gaming community went crazy when the company announced it’s first first-person-shooter(FPS), Overwatch. With all of the hype, some were somewhat doubtful that they’d be able to deliver. Luckily, Blizzard was able to deliver on their promises and more.

Overwatch is a team based FPS that pits two teams of six against one another over an objective. Everything about this game is incredible and I have not been able to pry myself away from my controller. Admittedly, I do play a lot of video games in my spare time, but rarely does a game capture my attention as well as Overwatch has. There are tons of reasons why I’m seemingly glued to my console, but here some of my favorite.


It’s very clear that developer Blizzard has put countless hours into creating a world that the player can lose themselves in. This is seen in the uniqueness of each character. Each character has their own personality, traits, and background giving each one a unique playing experience. I spent over a week just testing out each character and figuring out who were my favorites. Not only is the gameplay of each character fun, but their background and lore makes them much more interesting.

Game Modes

Overwatch’s gameplay focuses on objective based game modes. Every game mode will have each team either attacking, defending, or a combination of both. Although they all involve elements of offense and defense, there is enough disparity to prevent the player from growing tired of it.


The gameplay in Overwatch is heavily focused on teamwork and coordination. Although this can get a bit frustrating when playing with strangers, playing with a group of friends can be extremely satisfying. The exhilarating feeling of successfully planning and executing a strategy with my team is something that has kept me playing match after match.

Play of the Game

Game winning killcams and similar game features have been done for some time now, however I have yet to see it done the way it is done in Overwatch. Usually, the last kill, or point scored is played to everyone in the game. In Overwatch, instead of the last kill or point, players are shown what the game deems as the best play of the game, regardless of when it was made in the game. Not only do I get to see a cool play after every game, but there’s also a chance I’ll get to show off my own awesome play to everyone in the match.

Loot Boxes

Gambling has been a source of entertainment for centuries, and that’s because it’s simply addicting. Although not a direct form of gambling, Overwatch’s loot box feature is just as addicting. Every loot box provides a random selection of cosmetic items that can used on your game characters. You can earn them by leveling up in the game, or by purchasing them using real money. Personally, I have not spent any real money of these boxes, but I can easily see how someone might spend on them. I’ve been on a constant grind trying to level up as fast as I can, so I can get more loot boxes and maybe get that character skin I’ve had my eye on.

It’s easy to see the thought and care that Blizzard has put into this amazing game. Every character, map, and feature makes for an enthralling experience that hooks you in and refuses to let you go. I even had a hard time pulling myself away just to write this article. As I said before, I don’t often get this enthusiastic about a game, but Overwatch has been the perfect storm of fun, chaos, and design. Now if you excuse me, I have some leveling up to do.

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