After completing all 12 grades of mandatory schooling, and 4 more (intense) years at college, life without school feels kind of wrong. It's like a dream you never thought you'd get to, almost like a mirage. But now, graduation is here. Like, it's actually happening, and you've found yourself asking this question: what does that mean?

As the reality sets in that you're finishing this huge and important stage in your life, there are certain realizations that are inevitable. Also, if you're worrying and stressing out, maybe just knowing that other people are feeling the same things as you might help you get through this.

Cause, it actually is a big deal, even if you're not sure how to process it. You deserve this. You worked hard.

With that in mind, here are 5 epiphanies if you will about your impending graduation, and what that means for your life after college.

1. No more homework

This is hands-down going to have the biggest impact (positively) on my mental health. Soon all your required essays, projects, assignments, readings, and everything else will be done and finished. You will have so much time back to do the things you actually want to do. This is the biggest weight off your shoulders. I'll gladly trade in homework for my job.

2. No more financial support

By the time you graduate you've technically been an adult for a little while, but this is going to be the real transition into being an "adult." Everyone has a different experience financially, but once you graduate, it's assumed to be your time to shine, even if you feel like you're about to flop. Sure, the monetary support might not be as great, and life might show some tough love in the form of bills and rent, but it's just part of entering the "real world."

3. No more classes

Also, as euphoric as no more homework, but in a different way. No longer will your schedule center around the hour and a half blocks of time scattered throughout your week. Now, you can take back control of your time. Yeah, classes could be enjoyable, and life isn't magically free-time 24/7, but there's just something about a full-time work schedule (or a completely free day) that feels comfortable.

4. No more days to count down

This is kind of a pro and a con. On one hand, you've finally made it to a day that seemed so far away. You did it, you made it. But, now it seems like you should have everything figured out, which is more stressful than the finals you just struggled through. I try to see it as a new beginning since this is new territory. College may have taught you a lot, but the environment/lifestyle of college is like its own universe, and now you can get a feel for what life has in store for you.

5. No more waiting to really start your life

For so many years all you thought about was the year, the day even when you would be done. Your life long schooling was supposed to prepare you for your future life, but you couldn't help but wonder when that future would begin. Well, this is it. You will now have so many opportunities and experiences. You are an adult. You are a graduate. You've got this.

Transitions and new experiences are hard, there's no denying that, but they are so worth it. Graduation may feel daunting for you, it may feel exciting, or it may feel like both. These 5 realizations are important to note and think about, but in the end, remember to celebrate your accomplishment. Regardless of what your plans are for after graduation, really try to experience this time in your life, and what it really means.

It means change and uncertainty, but it also means congratulations.