5 Popular Apps That Had A Short Lived Life
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5 Popular Apps That Had A Short Lived Life

They came and went.

5 Popular Apps That Had A Short Lived Life

We've all seen some of our favorite apps go through phases of popularity. Whether it started in your iPod touch days, chuck full of games that drained our batteries or phones that are not consumed with various social media sites. But among those instagrams, and twitters we've seen many apps take off and crash shortly after.

1. Dubsmash

The app that allowed you to perfect your lip syncing abilities. You could impersonate your favorite actor or actress, sing a favorite song, or become anyone who's made it big on the Internet for that matter. But after giggling for a couple of weeks about how funny you and your friends are, mouthing the famous lines of your favorite movie multiple times in order to line up with the voice perfectly got old and you said goodbye to the app.

2. Vine

The beloved video app that allowed you to make your own videos with stops and starts in between. So yes there were plenty of "and with the snap of a finger" or other creative 30 seconds of entertainment, but once you realized you weren't gonna make it as an official verified "viner" and you had your fun, you decided to free up some space on your phone and say goodbye to vine.

3. Yik Yak

Now some may argue that this is not a short-lived app but for the majority, I think that yakking has seen quite the decline. Yes, the fun anonymous Twitter-like app allowed you to say what you've always really wanted to without it being traced back to your name or face. But once the tweet-like messages began to become "what's good for tonight?" or that activities that your next door neighbors were loudly taking part of, people didn't seem to care and let go of their yakking privileges.

4. Draw something

The friendly competition of Pictionary. The game where you found out who of your friends could really draw and those who shouldn't quit their day job. No doubt the game was fun and there was plenty of bragging rights awaiting when you won but eventually the game got old. And you knew it got really bad when you resorted to writing the word out in the space provided. Ultimately giving up and deleting the app.

5. Words with friends

Scrabble on the go for friends of all ages. You may have found yourself in the another friendly battle with your friends, your grandparents, friend's parents, or just about everyone you knew. And eventually you began coming up with words you didn't even know existed just to finish the game. Then one day when your lock screen was filled with too many notifications to keep up with you decided it was time to put the tiles down and say good bye to your words with friends account.

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