5 Things People With Tattoos Hear Way Too Often

5 Things People With Tattoos Hear Way Too Often

You've either heard or asked these five things.

I recently got my sixth tattoo. I started getting them in the second semester of my freshman year, and like many people, once I started I didn't want to stop. I love the creative expression provided by tattoos, the importance they have for me and how they look when they're done well. But if you have tattoos, you know that you also hear the same things from other people over and over again.

1. "Did it hurt?"

Yes, of course it did! Every tattooed person ever isn't lying when they say it's painful. Of course, some tattoos hurt much less than others. Some of mine barely bothered me, while others felt more intensely painful.

And while I don't fully agree with all of the pain designations in this chart, it's definitely fairly accurate.

2. "Aren't you afraid of what they'll look like when you're old?"

I'm sorry, but if I'm 80 years old and still care that much what people think of me, I'll be sad. Tattoos aren't the only things that age! Your entire body grows old, gets wrinkled and anything can start to trouble you. When I'm elderly, I plan to be much more concerned with all of the family and wonderful people in my life than whether my tattoos have faded.

3. "Aren't you worried you won't be able to get a job?"

Nope, not particularly. I doubt I'd really want to work somewhere that would deny a good candidate a job based on something as surface-level as a couple of tattoos. I do understand that some industries still require employees to have any tattoos covered, so this might certainly be an issue for some people. But in my fields of interest, I've found this expectation is fairly non-existent. Plenty of people have tattoos these days, and they can still be excellent workers and amazing at what they do.

4. "Were they expensive?"

First of all, that's kind of an intrusive question. Secondly, if you want a tattoo to look great for a long time, of course you'll have to pay well for it. Tattoo artists are artists, first and foremost, and they can do amazing work. Some do have extremely reasonable prices. But if you're looking for a large or intricate tattoo, it'll definitely get pricey. You're getting permanent art out of it.

5. "What do they mean?"

Some people really won't want to answer this question. Tattoos can be very personal and deep, or they can just be something beautiful or interesting that you liked. Either way, if you do ask this question and get an answer, never judge or doubt the importance of someone's tattoo. They choose it for a reason, and the last thing they'll want to hear after sharing is your judgement of why they shouldn't have it. I don't mind talking about my tattoos to people at all, as long as they're respectful of my decisions.

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5 Tricks To Getting The Streetwear Design Right

Having evolved in the 1970s and 1980s, streetwear borrows its design from past seasons.

Streetwear is a contemporary style that mixes casual, formal, and sporty and comfort into one look. It originated in the 1970s and 1980s in the area of Los Angeles, but has since been taken up by various other cultures around the world. International designer brands have turned functional sportswear into trendy looks. This look can be worn whether on a night out, lunch with friends or when heading to your favorite gym.

A great thing about this look is that you can look trendy while at the same time looking laid back and casual. They also do not have a certain age limit do almost anyone can rock a streetwear outfit without looking awkward or out of lace. Hence there is something for everyone.

Some trendy streetwear outfits include sneakers, sweatpants, crop tops, tracks, hoods, jeans, leggings, baseball hats, basketball shorts, and jackets among others.

Check out streetwear malaysia here.

There are a few tricks to getting the streetwear design right.

1. Fitting

Firstly, the fitting. As previously mentioned, streetwear has been designed to not just be trendy but to also be comfortable. Therefore when buying a streetwear garment, ensure that it is not tight fitting but hangs a bit loosely.

An example is a baggy hoodie paired with leggings and sneakers. This is outfit will be trendy yet comfortable and casual. Another great trend is wearing a pair of baggy pants. What this would show is that you are fun, relaxed, casual, comfortable, and still trendy. For this to work out make sure the pants are loose fitting but have a good grip around the waist.

2. Texture

When you think of the most comfortable material, what do you think of? Cotton of course because it lets you breathe and sweat and is still comfortable and smart.

Silk also has a great texture for street wear. It is quite light and you can still put in a good work out. To add on t that, leather has also been cropping up. It adds a bit of edge to any outfit. This is why streetwear has also been described as urban wear. This is because when normal everyday outfits are made using silk or leather, they look more trendy, fashionable and modern.

3. Style

With streetwear, a great thing about it is that you can easily show your style or individuality. You can easily do this by adding a baseball cap to your outfit or a colorful jacket.

Even a bright colored pair of sneakers can add an edge to your outfit and bring out your individuality. From the streets, this is usually referred to as having ‘swag’, which means being very stylish. Purely black outfits are also considered very fashionable or even low color tone s such as grey or off-white. It comes down to having a sense of creativity and personal style to making your streetwear outfit pop.

4. Clothing Design

If you are looking to mix up your wardrobe with some trendy streetwear looks, here are some few about must have streetwear items and their various designs.


Loose fitting hoodies are a great asset to any outfit. A great streetwear hoodie will stand out when it has a cool inscription or great graphic on it. A current trend is a 3D design where the hoodie has a 3D print on it.

What is great about it is that it is not just a men’s wear but is unisex. Longer Hoodies are also more preferred. This means they have to be long enough to reach around the thigh area.


T-Shirts have long been the accepted standard for a casual look. With streetwear, they have gone a level up. Your T-shirt needs to have a cool message, graphics or calligraphy for your properly rock the streetwear look.

Pairing this with leggings for ladies and nice fitting jeans for men will complete the streetwear look. Additionally, for streetwear, a long line design is proffered. This basically refers to T-shirts with an extra length.

Another T-shirt design is having a drop –tail. This refers to the back of the t-shirt being slightly longer than the front. Alternatively, you can also wear two layers of clothing. A long-sleeved shirt underneath a normal T-shirt is perfectly acceptable.

Sneakers and Hats:

Bright colored sneakers are the norm for street wear. Additionally, you can wear cool colors and snow white sneakers. These always make a bold statement. On the other hand, a simple hat also adds some flavor to an outfit. Modern designs have designed the hats out of leather and this gives an outfit a bit of an edge.

5. Seasons

Having evolved in the 1970s and 1980s, streetwear borrows its design from past seasons. While this can seem a bit strange for some, any fashion-forward person knows that fashion is always changing. Designs from the past often show up now and become trendy.

This is the same case for street wear. A look at old pictures and you can get some ideas as to what can look cool. This includes short shorts and skirts, oversized t-shirt and slim jeans and fitting crop tops among others.

An important thing to note about streetwear is that there are no specific rules that define it. It is more of a casual yet sporty laid-back look that is very modern. It is greatly influenced by music such as hip-hop. It is also heavily influenced by the skateboarding culture and trends. Since it mostly relates to what is trending at the moment, you will discover that it is continuously changing.

What was trendy one week will probably not be what will be worn on the streets the next week. It is evolving very fast. For anyone to be a guru of streetwear, they need to constantly stay in touch with what is happening on the street and the new modern trends. The street style also has an aspect of individuality so incorporating your own unique style or statement piece will make you stand out from the crowd.

Cover Image Credit: South China Morning Post

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10 Pieces Of Jewelry From R&S Designs That You Need In Your Jewelry Box Right Now

Handmade with love.

One thing every girl loves is jewelry and shopping, especially online shopping. It makes it even better when the jewelry is handmade (with love) and you're supporting someone else's dream. What do you get when you combine all of that? R&S Designs, an online handmade jewelry shop. R&S was created by best friend duo and two of the sweetest girls that I have ever met, René Shipman and Sara Herman.

I asked Sara about how the business started and this was her response: "The story of how we got started is actually pretty funny. So we were headed to Gadsden so I could get some new sunglasses and on our way, I randomly said, 'Hey René, what if we started making jewelry?' and we just kind of started brainstorming and thinking of ideas and came back home and started our business all in one day: June 26, 2017. It's been challenging, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's made René and I so close and given us so many opportunities that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise and we definitely couldn't do it without the support of our parents and mentors."

R&S Designs has something for everyone, whether you love simple, dainty jewelry or bold, statement pieces, R&S is the place for you!! Here are some of my favorite must-have pieces.

1. Pave Arrowhead Double Necklace

This necklace is absolutely beautiful and is a must in your closet for those days when you need some ~edge~

2. Leslie Necklace

This necklace is so simple but still has that little bit of edginess.

3. Rockin' It Lariat Necklace

This is such a simple necklace, yet such a statement piece! It looks perfect with the girl power necklace!

4. White Druzy Necklace

This is one of my personal favorites! So simple and elegant with a hint of glam.

5. Aspen Necklace

This simple statement necklace is perfect for any occasion! You can dress it up or dress it down and either way, you'll look amazing!!

6. Beaded bracelets

Update your arm party with these inexpensive beaded bracelets! So simple, yet such a staple and must have in your jewelry box!

7. Stamped Bracelet

Customize this bracelet to say whatever you need it to say! Another staple piece that you need!

8. Cross Your Heart Earrings

Every girl needs a pair of hoops, right? These are the perfect pair!!

9. Druzy Studs

These go perfectly with the druzy necklace! Such a simple and classy piece for your ear party!

10. Catch a Wave Ring

Simple and daint. Dress it up or dress it down. You know you want one!

I love R&S Designs almost as much as I love Sara and René! I'm so thankful for their sweet, sweet friendships and I'm so proud of them and how much they have accomplished so far! I hope you love them as much as I do.

Make sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook @shoprsdesigns!

Cover Image Credit: shoprsdesigns/instagram

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