5 "Parks And Rec" Quotes to Describe Your Back-To-School Mood

As winter break comes to an end, it is time to get ready for the spring semester. While we all look forward to getting to hang out with our friends again and go back to our routine, that doesn't make going to classes any better. So with that, it is time to wait until spring break.

1. "I can't go because I don't want to."

This quote accurately describes so much about the end of the break. Whether it's packing, driving back to school, or attending class during syllabus week. Either way, you probably don't want to do it.

2. "I don't want to do things. I want to not do things."

After a long few weeks of enjoying doing nothing, it can be hard to get back into being productive. I think we all can agree we would rather be doing nothing.

3.  "I don't even want to be here." 

This one is probably how you feel waking up to go to your classes all syllabus week. If only it wasn't required.

4. "Everything hurts and I'm dying."

This might be how you feel after a long week of classes or after you inevitably catch the FSU plague again.

5. "I'm ready."

It might take some time but, eventually, we all come to this point where we accept that we must get out of bed and go to class.

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