5 New Artists You Need To Listen To

5 New Artists You Need To Listen To

Seriously, you need to hear this


some people along the way. With that being said, I have found plenty of new artists I found that you definitely need to listen to. Trust me, after listening to these artists you will thank me for blessing your ears.

1.Bea Miller


This girl is freaking amazing and you all need to listen and know about this wonderful woman. She is truly a great singer, after following an account on twitter, we became friends and I noticed over the last couple years she’s been obsessed with Bea. After not listening to her for years, I decided to listen to her. I always had the intentions of listening to her, but frankly I would always forget, as the years went on me and that friend talked less because life and we still follow each other, but because of the algorithm I don’t see her tweets as much. But when I recently saw she still listens to her after years, I was like I honestly need to listen to her and she wasn’t wrong she’s wicked talented.

2. Post Malone


While he came out with an album sometime last year, I only heard of him this year I think back in March give or take. After popping up on facebook after someone posted a video of him singing live that was posted by some random page. I clicked on it being curious to who he was since I never saw him before. But when listening to him I immediately fell in love with him and what he was singing about. It really resonated with me and I’ve been obsessed since.

3. Maggie Lindermann


Another amazing artist, while she only has one big hit, her other singes she has are really cool too. While I can’t give too much on her due to her not having much music, but what I can say is, she’s very good in the music she has produced. She also seems very genuine and kind from her social media postings.

4. Cheat Codes


If you’re into pop/electronic mixed, you will absolutely love them to no end.They mix pop and electronic so well, it’s a great combo and very unique. They have some popular hits and are taking over and I’m honestly here for it and living for it.

5. One Directions Members Music


Ok, don’t come for me, I understand 1D broke up like 3 years ago, but since then, the members have all come out with separate music on their own and I’m literally living for it, to be quite honest with you. I’m obsessed with all of it, their all so different from each other and from what they created together that it’s cool to see what they create separately. Also I know this is more than 5, I couldn't choose and I didn't have enough to say about each member separately to listen them individually.

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