1. UC San Diego Mobile

If you were lucky enough to get admitted to UCSD, they you're unlucky enough to encounter problems like twenty minute walks between classes, over-stuffed weight rooms and some awful dining hall food. Like any campus, UC San Diego has its problems but one redeeming factor is the accessibility given to students who use the mobile app. You can do everything from register for classes, see a minute-by-minute shuttle update and even check what food the dining halls are serving. If it won't help you take that final exam, it can at least give you peace in knowing you wont miss your shuttle.

2. Uber or Lyft

Parking in San Diego is a nightmare, and even more-so at most campuses across the country. You can leave your car at home if you have one of these practical and truly awe inspiring apps. Uber and Lyft are separate companies that offer something called ride sharing. When you download Uber for the first time you are given you up to $25 of free riding. With GPS location services, your location is pin-pointed and sent to a driver who picks you up and takes you wherever you want. Its similar to a taxi service, just way cheaper and easier to use because with just a touch on your smartphone you can arrive or depart safely and as fast as you want, making it perfect for the group who cant' designate a driver to that party.

3. Venmo

The age of paper copies is passing and so is the act of carrying cash. So what do you do on that late night when you or your friends "forget" their wallet or card and cant pay for their California burrito? The answer is Venmo. This app allows users to create a profile, invite friends via Facebook or email and send as well as receive payments from them. The whole process is linked through your bank account number and makes fiscal accountability between friends so much easier.

4. Sound cloud

If you haven't tried it yet, then you need to pause your iTunes radio station and sign up because this is the renaissance of music online. Uploaded by artists themselves, the new tracks on sound cloud grow daily at an exponential rate. Its something like the news feed on your favorite social networking site with nothing but music to explore.

5. TFM

You can always count on hours of fratty entertainment with this Tatroesque app. Fail Fridays, TBT, MCM, WCW and infinite other #hashtags are to be found on TFM. But the bloopers of college greek life aren't all that there is to be found here. The app's feed is filled with relevant news, current events and fashion tips that are sure to be the jewel in your smartphones crown of apps, never boring and always helpful.

Let us know if there are other apps we should check out!