5 Microwaveable Meals That Will Save Your Life

5 Microwaveable Meals That Will Save Your Life

When you're running out of time or just don't have the energy to cook here are some options for you

Whether you're a broke college student, mom didn't teach you how to use the stove yet, or you're just too lazy to cook a nice meal, this is the article for you.

1. Bagel Bites

Let's say you're craving pizza and you're lacking the oven (It is college after all). Or is the pizza parlor too far of a walk late at night? Perhaps you're just too lazy and hungry to make an actual pizza (I relate). These delicious bites are heaven sent.

Ore Ida creates a micerowaveabe masterpiece which includes all of the basics of a pizza such as the sauce, cheese, and even other toppings all on a mini bagel (yes you read that right). The bagel adds a delicious crunch and let me just add- everyone loves bagels.

Price: $1.99 (Amazon Fresh) for a 9 count. So if you're on a budget there's no need to worry!

Flavors: Amazon's website includes Three Cheese, Cheese & Pepperoni, and Supreme (other stores may have more flavors)

Cook Time: 2 minutes 20 seconds

2. Ramen Noodle Soup Cup

Everyone in their childhood has had Ramen noodles before. Whether it was made on the stove, or in the microwave I promise about 99.9% of the earth's population has ate this delicious soup. For when your sick, or you're hungry at 1 am in your dorm room (SUPER relatable), this is the way to go.

Maruchan has released soup in a styrofoam cup. With the seasoning in vegetables included, it all mixes for an enjoyable, flavorful soup. Although the instructions state to boil water and then poor it in to the cup, college has taught me a life hack: you can microwave the soup with the water poured into the cup and have the same great taste.

Price: 27 cents (Target) it doesn't get any better than that. (and if you don't have the 27 cents I'll spare you a quarter if you find the two pennies)

Flavors: Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Lime with Shrimp, Hot and Spicy (just imagine just about any flavor and they probably have it)

Cook Time: 3 minutes

3. Kraft Mac and Cheese

If you're a foodie like myself, when you hear the word "elbow" the first thing that comes to your mind is "macaroni". Everyone craves the cheesey goodness of macaroni and cheese. Well I have great news (you've probably already heard) Kraft has microwaveable versions of their stove top box.

No explanation needed. Cheese + noodles + microwave = a quick and delicious meal. Did I mention that they have shaped noodles? Who else wants to eat cheesey minions, Cars and Star Wars characters, Spongebob, Sully and Mike Wazowski?

Price: $4.19 (Target) for a four pack. They're the most expensive on the list but worth it!

Flavors: Original and Triple Cheese

Cook Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds

4. Rice A Roni Cups

If you're like me and totally obsessed with rice you'll love these delicious cups. The amount of flavor in these tiny cups is incredible. If you're in the mood for a light dinner or a little something easy to go on the side of you're sandwich (or whatever it is that you're eating) check out these rice cups.

The following also comes in Pasta A Roni which I personally have never tried. But I'm totally obsessed with the rice version of these microwavable cups.

Price: $1.09 (Target) but let me share a secret- some dollar stores carry them for less than a dollar

Flavors: Chicken, Creamy Four Cheese, and Cheddar and Broccoli

Cook Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds

5. Hot Pockets / Lean Pockets

Personally I feel like I've saved the best for last. I don't even know if there are enough words to express my love for Hot Pockets. I'm sure you've tried them, but if you haven't I recommend buying some after reading this article.

If you're going healthy this is the option for you. Lean Pockets are the healthy version of Hot Pockets so stay tuned all you healthy individuals, this one's also for you.

Price: $2.82 (Amazon Fresh) for a two pack (try not to eat them both in one sitting)

Flavors: Okay so here's the deal, I would type them all but you'd never get this article because it'd take me forever. I recommend going to their website because the flavors change from whats inside to the type of breading they use.

Cook Time: 2 minutes (in this awesome microwavable sleeve that you can eat them out of)

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

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A Definitive Ranking And Review Of Every La Croix Flavor

I interviewed an expert on La Croix to find out which flavors are the best, and which ones aren't worth trying at all.

La Croix Sparkling Water was invented in 1981, but right now, it's more popular than ever. It seems as though a party in 2017 is not really a party unless it has La Croix. All around the country, Americans are putting down soda cans and picking up La Croix cans instead. To be completely honest, I myself do not see the appeal of sparkling water. However, my significant other, internet sensation Emily Clementine, is addicted to it. So much so, that I have stocked up cans upon cans in my apartment. Now, while I don't enjoy La Croix, I do like studying popular trends, and making lists. I interviewed Washington's La Croix expert on the best flavors of La Croix, and this is what I found.

Note: These are a ranking of only the original La Croix flavors.

13. Pure - 0/10.

"Pure doesn't even count on the list. If I was going to have plain sparkling water, I'd treat myself to a mineral water. There's no reason to drink unflavored sparkling water. "

12. Mango - 2/10.

"It's not that it's bad, it's just that it doesn't taste like mango. It tastes like you're drinking sparkling water, and then someone is eating a mango in the next room. Or even the next apartment building. Like, someone bought a mango today, and you are drinking a sparkling water away from them. It's not inherently bad, I'll drink it if it's available to me. They could've made it taste like artificial mango, and in my opinion that would've been the better route to go, because it just doesn't taste like anything. It should be good, but it's not. I see people drinking mango La Croix all the time. I see it in Instagram posts, I see it in the backgrounds of photos... Mango seems to be a popular flavor and I think that's a rookie mistake from amateur La Croix drinkers. I don't understand why it's popular. I think it's only popular with bougie people, because they're like, 'Mango? Ooh, how exotic!' No. It's bad. I fell into the trap, and it is bad."

11. Coconut - 2/10.

"It's similar to mango, where it's not very good. It could be good, but it's not. I think coconut is a flavor that needs to be sweet, and La Croix isn't sweet. It kinda tastes like sunscreen. It's a good mixer, but that's about it. It's not good on its own."

10. Peach/Pear - 3/10.

"It's almost good. It's not bad. I don't dislike drinking it. I think it'd be better with just a peach flavor. I don't really like pear. If they made a peach one they should replace coconut with peach."

9. Lemon - 5/10.

"It's fine, it's just kinda basic. It's not anything fancy. It's not special. You could buy a gallon of Arrowhead with lemon."

8. Orange - 5/10.

"It's good. The orange flavor is almost fake, but not quite fake. It's fine, I shotgunned one last weekend. It feels like the "essence" of orange, which I guess is what La Croix is going for, but I don't know – it kinda tastes like an orange lollipop flavor instead of, say, an orange zest. Orange is fine. It's not that orange is bad, it's just that there are better flavors."

7. Berry - 6.5/10.

"It's nice and sweet, but like, which berry is it? It just tastes like 'berry' flavor. It's one of the better flavors. 'Berry' just seems like a cop-out flavor. All the other flavors are very specific. If I had to give someone a La Croix for the first time, this is the one I'd give them. It has a great, full-body flavor."

6. Apricot - 7/10.

"Somehow they got it spot-on and it tastes exactly like apricots. And I don't know how they did it, 'cause apricots are such a delicate flavor. They did a great job with that one. Also, the can is really cute, 'cause it's light-orange and white. They really hit the nail on the head with that flavor. They did a really good job."

5. Passionfruit - 7/10.

"It tastes like a damn passionfruit. It's so good. Like the apricot flavor, they really got this one right. It was really good – the can is also really cute. Passionfruit and apricot have a lot of similarities for me. Both well-rounded, not too sweet."

4. Lime - 7.75/10.

"It's so refreshing. There's something about it that makes it far superior to lemon. It's one of the better basic citrus flavors, out of all of them. It's really zesty, maybe a little bit bitter but not... It's like a mystery, like if it was a man, it'd be tall, dark and handsome. It's probably the Brad Pitt of La Croix. It is the La Croix you would crack open with the boys."

3. Cranberry/Raspberry - 8.5/10.

"It's good. It doesn't really taste like cranberry, like there's nothing bitter about it. It really is mostly just raspberry, but like, it has a whisper of tartness. The tartness is very refreshing, but the raspberry gives it an overarching sweet taste to it. Another cute can."

2. Grapefruit - 9/10.

"It tastes so much like grapefruit that it's the reason why I've been buying grapefruits like every week. It's really refreshing, well-rounded. It tastes just like a damn grapefruit. I don't know how they did it. How does it taste so good? There's probably a whole grapefruit in there. I taste it, and I can feel the grapefruit slices in my mouth."

1. Tangerine - 10/10.

"It is the best flavor of La Croix. It is the unsung hero. Tangerine is the best La Croix flavor and nobody cares. It's kinda hard to find, it's not everywhere because it's not that popular, but holy [expletive]. And I know what you're thinking, there's already an orange flavor. Have you ever had a tangerine? You know how it tastes different from an orange? It tastes exactly like tangerines. Like grapefruit, tastes just like a tangerine. It's like, a little bit sweet, and has that hint of a tangerine flavor. It is the best flavor of La Croix. Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you. It's not just tangerine-flavored sparkling water. It pairs well with everything. Highly recommended. I think the carbonation really adds to the tangerine flavor somehow. It's simply the best flavor. All the other ones are good, but tangerine is the best. It's so good. I don't even like tangerines. I'd rather have a tangerine La Croix."

Emily has tried three of the six Cúrate flavors, and claims that Blackberry/Cucumber flavor is the only one worth trying. Emily has not tried the Cola flavor, because, "if I wanted a cola, I'd drink a damn coke."

Cover Image Credit: Matt Nguyen

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5 Things You Need To Know About Thinx Underwear

Those of you with a uterus, listen up.


I first heard about Thinx underwear two years ago while on a subway in Washington DC. I thought the whole idea of leakproof underwear sounded a bit too much like diapers and brushed the product aside. Fast forward two years, my mom states that she is going to buy a pair to try and offered to get me one too. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I decided to give it a try. I'm sure glad I did!

If you're not familiar with Thinx allow me to explain. It's a company that prides themselves on creating underwear specifically designed for individuals to wear during their periods. Looking at the reviews, everyone seemed to love them, and after trying them out for myself, I must say I like them quite a lot. Here are a few important things to know about Thinx underwear.

1. It doesn’t always replace your pads/tampons

Thinx may not replace tampons, but it can help cut back the amount you use.


I learned this the hard way that if you have a heavy flow, you can't wear Thinx on its own. If you have a light flow, you could get away with only wearing these, but for us poor souls with heavy flows, I recommend making these your new period underwear. You never have to worry about any leaks, even at night!

2. They don't stain

Behold! No bloodstains!


If you leak onto this underwear, fear not. Merely rinse them in the sink and then throw them in the wash like normal and boom! Clean underwear. No more ugly stained underwear to keep in the corner of your drawer.

3. There’s a bunch of cute designs/colors

There's something for everyone!


One thing I must say about Thinx is that they have a wide variety of options. There are several different cuts, and almost all of them come in different colors options as well. They seem to be introducing new colors all the time, so keep an eye out for one you like.

4. They are super comfy!

These feel just like normal underwear.


When I got my pair, I was worried that this underwear would feel like wearing a diaper or something else uncomfortable, but that was not the case at all! This underwear when you're wearing it feels like normal underwear, and while you're washing it, it feels like a swimsuit.

5. They donate to a good cause

Everyone should have access to period products. Period.


For every pair of underwear that you buy, the company donates a pair to someone in need. It seems like most are sent to developing countries where women do not have access to proper menstruation hygiene products. In addition to this, Thinx was designed to help cut back the number of disposable pads entering landfills. They designed this underwear to be a more sustainable alternative for people with periods!

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