5 Mantras To Repeat Every Day

Growing up and transitioning from your teenage years to being a young adult is never easy. Sometimes you still need to call your mom to vent and other times you just have to figure your problems out on your own. And to add on top of that are all of the self-esteem, confidence, and adjustment issues that come along with it.

To help you thrive, here are 5 mantras to tell yourself daily:

1. "I am confident."

There are always going to be situations or people trying to make you feel less than you are. A daily reminder of your confidence can be good for your self-esteem.

2. "I am just as smart as my peers."

When classes are competitive and you don't always get the same scores as your classmates, it does not mean you are any less intelligent than they are. It is so easy to get lost in comparing grades, but at the end of the day your GPA is not an end all, be all.

3. "The world is my happy place."

Whenever you need to be calm, people say to picture yourself in your happy place. But what if the whole world around you could be your happy place? You can live in it every day, no extra thought required.

4. "I deserve happiness."

You can only really achieve happiness if you know that you deserve it. And you 100 percent deserve it.

5. "I am worth all of the hard work I put in."

As college students, we work hard. Really hard. And that does not go unnoticed. You'll achieve all of your dreams with your hard work because you're worth all of the effort you put in. So believe in yourself.

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