6 Main Similarities Between Divergent And The Hunger Games
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6 Main Similarities Between Divergent And The Hunger Games

And how they are different from each other.

6 Main Similarities Between Divergent And The Hunger Games

Last semester I wrote a compare and contrast essay with Divergent and The Hunger Games as my topic. Anyone who has read these novels would notice that these stories have quite a bit in common, but they are presented in different ways.

1. These novels are both dystopian

Which is a made up place usually involving a corrupt government, and where the living conditions are unpleasant, and post-apocalyptic.

2. They both take place in North America.

Divergent takes place in Chicago, Illinois.

Panem (THG) is located in the Rocky Mountains.

3. They both have societies isolated from one another.

In Divergent, the society is split into five factions. Each faction focuses on a virtue such as selflessness, honesty, peace, intelligence, and bravery. The people from the factions hardly communicate unless it is necessary.

In The Hunger Games, there are twelve districts. Each district has a primary resource that they tend to, and it is their responsibility to prepare it and send it to the Capitol. The districts are isolated because they are not allowed to communicate with each other outside of the Hunger Games' arena.

4. They both have female protagonists who play major roles in their war.

Tris is a soldier in her book's war and has to fight.

Katniss is more of a beacon of hope for the people rebelling, but she still fights.

5. Both of the protagonists go through struggles.

Tris (from Divergent) has trouble fitting in whereas Katniss has day to day issues, like keeping her family fed.

Katniss has trouble being nice, but it is no problem from Tris.

6. They both have love interests.

Tris catches the eye of her training instructor who goes by the name of Four. They fall in love and are together before the end of the first book, but have to keep it a secret until the end of her initiation.

Katniss has two boys fighting for her affection. Peeta, the boy with the bread, is the other tribute for District 12 who claims to have a crush on Katniss on live television for everyone in the Capitol and districts to hear. Gale, her best friend from home, has a crush on her throughout all three books. She (of course) loves Gale because he is her best friend and has been for years, but she also grows to love Peeta.

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